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Auto Accident Resources in Birmingham, AL

According to a recent study by the National Security Council, the United States saw more traffic deaths in 2015 than it has in 50 years. While that only amounts to only a 1% increase, it still has big implications for the future of auto safety, and means that many people across the United States are in need of assistance after being involved in an unfortunate accident.

If you too were recently in an auto accident in Birmingham, AL, don’t worry — you are not alone. Below, you can learn more about auto accidents in Alabama, what steps you can take following your crash, and where you can go for help.

Birmingham’s Most Dangerous Roadways

Birmingham is the most heavily-populated city in all of Alabama. It is an enormous intersection for dozens of major streets and freeways throughout the state, making it one of the most auto-accident prone areas in the Southern US.

The following are the most likely places to get into an accident in Birmingham:

  • I-65 Freeway: Interstate 65 is 366 miles long and crosses 6 of Alabama’s major counties. The most congested part of the highway is easily in Birmingham, where a majority of commuters travel to and from work from the north/south using this road. Rush hour (7AM-9AM & 4PM-7PM) is especially dangerous on this high-speed road.

  • I-20 Freeway: As of March 2017, the I-20 highway (which runs east-west through Birmingham) is currently under major construction to begin replacing one of the city’s oldest bridges. Although construction is just beginning, this highway is expected to be a growing culprit in upcoming road accidents.

  • US Route 78: This route is a 715-mile east-west US highway that connects travelers throughout the southern US. It is a common highway during vacation and traveling months for those looking to visit family or road trip. during these times, Route 78 can become especially clogged, especially with people unfamiliar with local roads (which increases the chance for accidents).

Birmingham, Alabama Auto Accident Resources

Important Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents are scary. Regardless of who was at fault, the moments after an auto accident can be confusing and difficult for all involved. However, this period is essential for taking action that will keep you protected, healthy, and supported in the long run.

The most important 5 things you can do are:

  • Call the police after the crash to let them assess the situation.
  • Exchange insurance with the other party involved.
  • Take photographs of your injuries, the site of the crash, license plates, and your car.
  • Speak with witnesses who may be able to support your case if you decide to file a claim.
  • Go to a hospital regardless of your injuries — even if you feel fine, and even if you don’t want to.

Hospitals in Birmingham

In case you are not escorted to the hospital after the crash by an ambulance driver or police officer, below are the highest-rated hospitals in Birmingham that you can go to for a check-up.

Be sure to keep copies of all medical bills and diagnoses to provide on your claim later.

  • St. Vincent’s Birmingham
    810 St. Vincents Dr.
    Birmingham, AL 35205
    Phone: (205) 939-7000

  • UAB Hospital
    1802 6th Ave S.
    Birmingham, AL 35233
    Phone: (205) 934-3411

  • Princeton Baptist Medical Center
    701 Princeton Ave. SW
    Birmingham, AL 35211
    Phone: (205) 783-3000

Auto Repair Companies in Birmingham

Car repairs can be one of the largest difficulties after a car crash. Especially if you have severe injuries as well, it can be difficult to figure out how you will cover costs while losing out on your work income during recovery.

However, by saving car bills and repair receipts, you can include these costs on your personal injury claim to help you get properly compensated.

  • World Class Auto Repair
    4710 5th Ave S.
    Birmingham, AL 35222
    Phone: (205) 591-7990

  • Hanvey Tire & Auto Repair
    3000 Lomb Ave.
    Birmingham, AL 35208
    Phone: (205) 259-5252

    600 24th St. S
    Birmingham, AL 35233
    Phone: (205) 533-8850

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Filing a personal injury claim can be difficult without legal experience. Even the smallest mistake or omitted piece of paperwork can keep a qualified individual from receiving the compensation they deserve. To make sure you do not fall victim to this trap, consider speaking with a personal injury attorney.

First consultations are free, and payment for their services is generally not required unless they win your case. When hiring an attorney could mean the difference between winning and losing a case, it may be very wise to consider before you begin the process.