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Accident Resources in Chula Vista, CA

Auto accidents occur throughout the United States every day. California's average number of deaths per fatal accident is the same as the national average.

The state averages 1.08 deaths per fatal crash. In 2015, the state had 2,772 fatal crashes that lead to 3,000 deaths. The California Office of Traffic Safety reported that during 2014 Chula Vista had 1,190 people injured or killed in auto accidents. Of those crashes, 121 involved alcohol.

If you have been involved in a Chula Vista auto accident, you will need to use several different resources that are available to you.

Auto accidents lead to a variety of damages, and to recover compensation for those damages you must file a personal injury claim against the liable party. You should consult with a personal injury attorney after your accident.

Dangerous Roads in Chula Vista

All roads are dangerous and car accidents occur everywhere, but there are some roads in and around Chula Vista where car accidents are much more likely to occur.

There are several dangerous roads and intersections in and around Chula Vista. Here are a few of those areas:

  • State Route 78

    Heavily traveled, State Route 78 makes its way through San Diego County. It sees a high number of auto accidents every year, and many of those crashes lead to serious injuries or even death.

  • Highway 67

    Highway 67 is a busy road that also sees a number of crashes every year.

  • Wildcat Canyon Road

    A number of crashes occur on Wildcat Canyon Road in the county every year.

Chula Vista, CA Auto Accident Resources

What To Do After A Crash

If you are involved in an accident, it is important to stay on the scene and do everything you can to protect your rights and preserve evidence.

Here are a few tips regarding what you should after a crash in Chula Vista.

  • First, check to see if anyone is seriously injured and needs an ambulance. If so, call 911 and ask for an ambulance to be dispatched.
  • Call the police. They need to investigate and complete a report.
  • Take photos of the crash scene. Get pictures of injuries and damages.
  • Exchange insurance details with the other driver.
  • Get contact information for any witnesses.
  • Seek medical care from the nearest ER.
  • Maintain all the records and documentation.

Chula Vista Hospitals

It is important to get checked out after an accident. Some injuries might not be apparent at first. A medical professional can determine if you have suffered injuries that aren't visible yet or that might require immediate attention.

Here are some Chula Vista hospitals that have emergency rooms.

  • Sharp Chula Vista
    751 Medical Center Ct.
    Chula Vista, CA 91911

  • Scripps Coastal Medical Center Eastlake
    971 Lane Ave.
    Chula Vista, CA 91914

  • Sharp Coronado Hospital
    250 Prospect Place
    Coronado, CA 92118

Chula Vista Auto Body Repair

If you have been in a car accident, your car will need to be repaired. To negotiate property damage with auto insurance companies, you will need to have a written estimate from a qualified auto body repair shop.

Also, have receipts for repairs that you have done and receipts for any towing or rental vehicles. Here are local towing services and auto body shops.

  • Chula Vista Auto Body
    36 Broadway
    Chula Vista, CA 91910

  • Marquez Body Shop
    310 K St.
    Chula Vista, CA 91911

  • JC Towing Inc.
    2501 Faivre St.
    Chula Vista, CA 91911

  • iTowing
    1878 Farge Lane #3
    Chula Vista, CA 91913

The Most Valuable Resource - A Personal Injury Attorney

While all these resources are needed, your most valuable resource will be the Chula Vista personal injury attorney that helps you recover compensation for the damages you suffered. Your Chula Vista personal injury attorney will be able to determine which damages you suffered and the amount of your claim.

Your lawyer will file a personal injury claim and pursue fair compensation for your damages. There are no upfront costs for a personal injury attorney because they work on a contingency basis.

Your lawyer will receive a portion of the personal injury settlement or judgment you receive from the accident. Schedule your free case evaluation today so your claim can get underway and you can get on track after your crash.