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Auto Accident Resources in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati's population was 298,165 people as of 2014. It is the third largest city in the State of Ohio. As of 2016, the state had 491 confirmed fatalities from auto accidents.

The State Police reported 30,308 crashes investigated and 309,904 enforcement stops. Hamilton County alone had 137 crashes investigated during 2016 and 164 investigated during 2015. With the high number of auto accidents, it should be no surprise that several people are injured every year in auto crashes.

Various damages can be suffered in auto accidents. The most common damages include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of future earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, personal property damage, and many other damages.

You can recover damages you suffered by filing a personal injury claim against the liable party. Your Cincinnati personal injury attorney can help you file a claim and get on track following your accident.

Dangerous Highways in Cincinnati

All roads have inherent risks and car crashes can happen on any road at any time. However, there are some roads that are much more prone to accidents. These roads could be more dangerous because of road design, higher traffic volume, or other risks.

Here are a few of the roads that have a higher number of auto crashes reported every year.

  • Route 126

    The most dangerous area for drivers in greater Cincinnati is eastbound on Route 126 at Interstate 71, which averages 666.39 auto accidents each year.

  • Interstate 71

    Northbound Interstate 71 is the most dangerous site in Cincinnati when it comes to fatalities and injuries every year. Where the interstate merges with Pfeiffer Road there is an average of 208.69 deaths or injuries per year and 661.18 crashes.

  • Norwood Lateral Parkway

    The beginning of Norwood Lateral Parkway where it merges with Interstate 75 is also another troubled area for drivers. It averages 75.84 deaths or injuries each year and 360.29 crashes.

Cincinnatti Auto Accident Resources

What To Do After A Crash

If you have been involved in a car crash, you need to stay calm and make sure you do everything that you can to preserve evidence and protect your rights.

Keep all the documentation you can, such as photos, bills, receipts, and medical records. Here are some tips on what to do after a car accident in Cincinnati:

  • Call 911. If an ambulance is needed, ask for one. The police will have to complete a report.
  • Take pictures of the crash using your smartphone.
  • Exchange insurance details with the other driver.
  • Get written statements from witnesses and have them include names and contact information.
  • Seek medical care from the nearest emergency room.

Cincinnati Hospitals

If you have been in a Cincinnati auto accident, you need to be examined at the nearest emergency room. While you may feel fine directly after the crash, you can easily start feeling the effects of injuries later. It is always wise to be checked by a medical professional.

Here are some Cincinnati area hospitals where you can visit the emergency room.

  • Good Samaritan Hospital
    375 Dixmyth Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45220

  • Mercy Health - West Hospital
    300 Mercy Health Blvd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45211

  • Mercy Health - Anderson Hospital
    7500 State Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45255

Cincinnati Auto Body Repair Shops

If you have been in an auto accident, your car will need to be fixed. You should take your car to a qualified Cincinnati auto body repair shop to get a written estimate. You should keep any receipts for towing your car or for use of a rental car while your vehicle is inoperable.

All these documents can be used in negotiations with the insurance company. Here are Cincinnati towing services and auto body repair shops that might be able to help:

  • Russ Auto Body and Towing
    3434 Duck Creek Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45213

  • Delta Car Care
    430 Delta Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45226

  • Northgate Towing
    3200 Springdale Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45251

The Most Valuable Resource: A Personal Injury Attorney

While there's a lot of resources that you can use after a crash, your most valuable resource will be a Cincinnati personal injury attorney. Your attorney can determine which damages you suffered and the value of your claim.

Your lawyer will ensure your rights are protected and work to get you a fair settlement for your accident.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, schedule your free initial case evaluation with a Cincinnati personal injury attorney.