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Accident Resources in Dallas

Despite the crackdown on traffic violators by officers, motor vehicle accidents continue to happen.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, about 3,500 people are killed in Texas car accidents each year. Texas has 518,577 crashes every year.

Every 61 seconds there is a car crash in the state with someone being injured in a car accident in Texas every two minutes.

City-Data reports that in 2014 there were 154 car crash fatalities in Dallas during 2014.

If you suffered injuries in a Dallas car accident, you are one of many people injured in Dallas car crashes each year. You might wonder where you can turn for help.

A Dallas personal injury attorney can help you recover your damages through a personal injury claim.

You can recoup medical expenses, lost wages, and personal property damages through your claim. Consult with a personal injury right away so you can make sure your rights are protected.

Dangerous Highways in Dallas

As of 2014, Dallas had a population of 1.281 million. The roads are filled with vehicles, so thousands and thousands of cars travel through the city each and every day.

Crashes happen in Dallas every single day, but some roads have worse records than others. Here are a few of the more dangerous roads in Dallas:

Dallas Auto Accident Resources

LBJ Freeway

This road has a daily volume of more than 1 million vehicles. During 2014, this road saw 479 crashes between I-35E and Dallas Northwest Tollway. There were several other accidents on the rest of the freeway.


I-45 sees more than half a million vehicles pass through Dallas on an average day. That traffic volume resulted in 117 crashes during 2014.

Central Expressway

One of the heavier traveled roads in Dallas, Central Expressway averages 2.27 million vehicles on an average day. During 2014, 1,230 cars crashed along the expressway, many of which resulted in injuries.

What To Do After A Crash

If you have been in a Dallas car accident, you need to know what to do to protect your rights and preserve your chance to file a personal injury claim to be compensated for your damages.

After an accident, you should do these things:

  • Ensure an accident report is filed with the police by calling them
  • Exchange information with the other driver. You need to include full names, contact information, and insurance information.
  • Get witness names and contact information.
  • Get immediate medical attention.

Dallas Hospitals

If you were hurt in a Dallas motor vehicle accident, you need to be treated at the nearest medical facility. Even if you don't believe you were injured, you should be checked as a precaution.

Keep medical records, bills, and receipts to use in negotiations with the insurance company. All of your medical expenses, such as an ambulance bill, emergency room charges, physician visits, prescriptions, and physical therapy costs can be added together.

Here are some Dallas hospitals:

  • Parkland Hospital
    5200 Harry Hines Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75235

  • Baylor University Medical Center
    3500 Gaston Ave.
    Dallas, TX 75246

  • Medical City Dallas Hospital
    7777 Forest Lane
    Dallas, TX 75230

Dallas Auto Repair

After you have been in a car accident, your car is going to be needing repairs. You can include your automotive repairs resulting from the crash in your totals for your personal injury claim.

Get written estimates for any repairs. Keep those estimates along with any receipts or bills. Take photos of the damage to add to your documentation so it can all be used for negotiating a fair settlement with the insurance company.

Here are Dallas auto body shops and towing services:

  • Dallas Auto Body
    11055 Harry Hines Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75229

  • Best Choice Auto & Body
    13680 Floyd Circle
    Dallas, TX 75243

  • Walnut Hill Wrecker Service
    11239 Goodnight Lane
    Dallas, TX 75229

The Most Important Resource: A Personal Injury Attorney

Without the guidance of a Dallas personal injury attorney, your personal injury claim won't go far. If you were injured in a car accident, consult with a personal injury lawyer right away.

You don't pay your personal injury lawyer a dime until they get a settlement for you.

Schedule an initial consultation with an attorney right away. A statute of limitations places strict time restraints on how long you have to pursue a claim, so don't wait until it is too late.