Auto Accident Resources in Modesto, CA

Car accidents have been steadily on the rise over the past decade. According to State Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics, around 2.4 million people get in crashes every year, the majority of whom leave the crash with one or more injuries.

California also ranks #1 in the United States for car crash fatalities, and has the highest percentage of car accidents in urban areas than any other state.

If you were injured in a crash in Modesto, CA, don’t worry — you may not have to cope with your injuries, medical bills, and auto repairs on your own.

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim and request compensation to help you pay for the damages you and your vehicle experienced during the crash.

Common Crash Zones

Modesto is located in central California beside Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose. This means it is surrounded by freeways that are frequented by commuters, also making it a common stop-off spot for truck drivers and vacationers looking for food or a place to stay.

Busy, freeway-heavy areas like Modesto are at higher risk for accidents than most other US locations. The following are especially common to see auto accidents occur:

  • Interstate 5 Freeway: “The 5” is one of the most well-known freeways in California, traveling up the entirety of the United States’ coast from San Diego to Seattle, WA. It is a wide multi-lane highway with a dangerous history of accidents, especially during rush hour times. The 5 is also packed during the summer months and other regular vacations periods because of heavy travel during these times.

  • I-580: This 80-mile highway links Modesto to San Jose, and is a common crash spot for many commuters who choose to save money by living outside of the big city. Again, this road sees a majority of its heavy traffic during commuting hours, typically from 7AM-9AM and 4PM-7PM, and becomes especially congested by the Livermore and Pleasanton exits.

  • Highway 99: In downtown Modesto, the most common through road is Highway 99, which runs straight through the most populated areas of the city. A majority of on-ramps and off-ramps near city intersections and around popular commuter exits can create dangerous conditions that lead to auto accidents.

Modesto, CA, Auto Accident Resources

First Steps After a Crash

The period after your crash can be confusing, overwhelming, and difficult to deal with. Even if your injuries aren’t severe, it can be difficult to wrap your head around preparing evidence or filing a claim.

However, the process is simpler than it seems, and can be completely piece-by-piece without causing too much stress. The following are the most important steps you should take after a crash:

  • Call the police. Immediately following the crash, be sure to call 911 so you can get professional assistance taking care of your injuries, the crash site, and the other party.
  • Exchange insurance information. Regardless of who was at fault for the accident, always exchange information for safety and later use.
  • Take photographs of your injuries, your car, and the scene. These can be provided as support in your injury claim.
  • Speak with witnesses. While the police will likely handle this for you, you can potentially get witness testimony that can help you later on in your claim.
  • Go to a hospital. Whether you have minor or severe injuries, it is always important to go to a hospital after a crash.

Hospitals in Modesto

Hospitals are important for a variety of reasons, from ensuring your well-being to providing you with official diagnoses and paperwork that can be provided on your claim.

The following are the largest and highest-rater hospitals in the Modesto area:

  • Memorial Medical Center
    1700 Coffee Rd.
    Modesto, CA 95355
    Phone: (209) 526-4500

  • Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center
    4601 Dale Rd.
    Modesto, Ca 95356
    Phone: (209) 735-5000

  • Doctors Medical Center
    1441 Florida Ave.
    Modesto, CA 95350
    Phone: (209) 578-1211

Auto Repair Companies in Modesto

Car fixes can also be a large, unexpected blow to the wallet after a car accident. However, as with your medical bills, be sure to save your car service bills and receipts to include on your injury claim so you can receive proper compensation.

Below are a few of Modesto’s highest-rated auto repair shops:

  • Motor Motion Automotive
    4724 Greenleaf Ct.
    Modesto, CA 95356
    Phone: 209-545-4000

  • The Auto Shop
    129 E. Orangeburg Ave.
    Modesto, CA 95359
    Phone: (209) 527-8660

  • Meineke Car Care Center
    1641 N Carpenter Rd.
    Modesto, CA 95351
    Phone: (209) 353-0076

Considering a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims can be tricky, lengthy, and difficult to win if paperwork or legal process isn’t completed correctly. The best way to ensure you have the best chances at benefits is to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Consultations are free, and the majority of attorneys only get paid if they win you your case. Before your 3-year filing period expires, consider a consultation with a personal injury attorney in Modesto.