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Ask An Attorney: Determining Fault

It can be very challenging to know if you are at fault for a personal injury claim. Some cases may be cut and dry, especially auto accidents. Other cases, like slip-and-fall claims, may be more difficult to determine.

Fortunately, you can help determine who was at fault for an auto accident by getting help from a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys have handled numerous claimants who have been just as confused by the personal injury claim process as you.

We asked attorney Alaina Sullivan for her her opinion on various issues regarding fault and personal injury claims. Here is what she had to say depending on the situation:

Fault can be one of the most challenging components of a personal injury claim to prove. If you'd like more advice on making sure you weren't to blame for a crash and determining your personal injury claim eligibility, speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Hurry--Your time to file may be running low!

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