Accidents Caused When Forced Off the Road By a Truck

Some of the most serious injuries on highways are a result of the way truck drivers drive their heavy vehicles. They often don’t realize how vulnerable other vehicles are when they drive too close when overtaking, or simply take up too much of their lane, forcing other driver to be run off the road in fear of being hit by one of these massive vehicles.

As long as you can provide sufficient evidence that the truck driver caused you to run off the road you may be entitled to file a compensation claim for the injuries and damage caused by the recklessness of the truck driver.

It’s important to hire a personal injury attorney to file a claim on your behalf as this will give you the certainty that a favorable settlement will be reached.

Be Cautious When Sharing a Highway With A Truck

Truck drivers are often in a hurry. If you don’t keep a good eye open you may find that a speeding or overtaking truck may force you off the road by driving far too close. Even a truck in its own lane might be driving too close to you and you may choose to get off the road quickly to prevent a collision.

When doing so you may hit an obstacle and cause injury to yourself and your auto. The sorts of injuries that are possible include:

  • whiplash;
  • damage to the torso;
  • broken and dislocated limbs;
  • internal injuries.

Many of these injuries are serious and may require extensive, ongoing medical treatment which can dig a big hole in your finances.

You Will Need Evidence to Prove Fault If You Are Run Off the Road

If you believe when the truck ran you off the road it was the driver’s fault and not yours you will have to gather together all the evidence you can. Of greatest importance are eye witness reports, so you will need to get the contact details of the eye witnesses before they drive off.

Also, make sure you get your hands on the police report as this will help your case.

Finally you will need to provide a medical report from your physician that will provide details about the treatment you have already had and any other treatment required into the future. Once this has been put together and presented to your attorney, a compensation settlement can be compiled and presented to the insurer of the truck driver who ran you off the road.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

One thing you should never do is try to file a personal injury compensation claim on your own. Insurers aren’t your friends and will do anything in order to not spend a cent on you. A personal injury attorney knows how to file a claim that’s likely to be successful and which will match the financial hardship you have to face due to an accident that was not your fault.