What Should I Know Before Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney For An Accident Where Other Drivers Didn't Use Turn Signals?

A study released by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) stated drivers that don’t turn on their turn signals cause more than two million accidents per year. If you suffered injuries from a vehicle accident because the other driver didn’t use a turn signal, you might have a strong enough case to hire a personal injury lawyer. In addition to gaining access to highly rated legal services, you should also be able to find out how much your case is worth. Before you sign a contract to work with a state-licensed personal injury attorney, clarify how the attorney plans to charge you for his or her services.

You Must Have at Least One Injury

Not every auto accident results in injuries. For a crash that was caused by another driver not using a turn signal, both drivers might have traveled at low speeds, which means the impact was not strong enough to cause any lingering injuries. However, most accidents that involve a driver not using a turn signal result in at least one injury. If you suffered one or more injuries because another driver failed to use a turn signal, you should immediately reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Your attorney will conduct an extensive investigation into your case that includes obtaining the police report that describes the incident in detail. If the police report concluded the other driver was at fault because he or she didn’t use a turn signal, then your lawyer has a strong enough case to file a claim that covers the costs associated with treating and rehabilitating your injuries. Evidence to prove the other driver didn’t use a turn signal can include video footage of the accident, as well as tire marks that indicate you made evasive moves to avoid contact. Another reason to contact a personal injury attorney is when your insurance company contacts you for information. A persuasive lawyer possesses the negotiating skills to prevent your insurer from cheating you out of money.

Know Your Lawyer’s Fees

Litigating a personal injury case can run into the thousands of dollars. Add that to lost wages and mounting medical bills, and you have a troublesome financial storm brewing. Fortunately, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no upfront legal fees. Your attorney gets paid if you win just compensation. If you choose to represent yourself, you can expect to pay for expert witness and information gathering fees. Medical professionals represent the expert witnesses you might have to call to the stand.

What is Your Case Worth?

After giving your attorney the specifics of the car crash, he or she will calculate how much your case is worth. Your lawyer should be able to understand how the accident negatively impacted your life beyond the injuries suffered because of the negligence of another driver. Pain and suffering are difficult to place a value on, but your lawyer will come up with a realistic dollar amount to boost the worth of your case.

What Should I Know Before Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney For An Accident Where Other Drivers Didn't Use Turn Signals?

Request a Free Case Evaluation

The sooner you speak with a personal injury lawyer, the sooner your case should find its way on a civil court docket. Schedule a free case evaluation to determine how to proceed with your claim. Your attorney will discover if there are any holes in your case that the other driver’s attorney can exploit.

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