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Protect Yourself: 5 Steps To Take After Slipping And Falling In PA

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Slip and fall accidents can be traumatic. And, if you slipped and fell in PA, you could have medical expenses, lost time from work, and other expenses caused by the incident. Slip and fall injuries can also get worse over time and can even make it difficult or impossible for you to work in the future.

So, if you get hurt shopping in Pennsylvania, you should talk to a Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney. And, if you get hurt shopping in Pennsylvania or running errands you should always:

Seek Medical Attention, Even After Minor Falls

Oftentimes when people slip and fall in Pennsylvania, they are embarrassed, so they get up and go about their day without getting medical attention because they don’t want to call more attention to themselves. But after you have a slip and fall, you should always get medical attention right away. Concussions, whiplash, and back injuries are all common injuries associated with slip and fall incidents and these types of injuries can get worse over time. You may not think that you are injured at the time of you fall, however, you could progressively feel worse and worse. As such, it is critical that you get medical attention right away to document your injuries and start a paper trail.

Notify The Store Owner Immediately

Make sure that an employee gets the store owner or manager after you have slipped and fallen. Insist on an incident report or safety report and get a copy of that report. You will need that, along with other documentation, to make sure that you get any money that you are entitled to. This is because, without an incident report or some kind of official report of the incident, you may have a hard time getting the company’s insurance company to pay for any damages or injuries you may have suffered.

Gather Evidence of Your Surroundings & Injuries

It is very important to get evidence showing what caused you to slip and fall at the time of your accident. It is as simple as taking your smartphone out of your pocket and taking photos of the area where you fell from all angles. Take videos too. That way, if you slipped because the floor was wet or there was snow or ice on the floor, or because there were no mats, you can document what was on the floor. Or what was not on the floor, if the problem was that there were no mats. Photos and videos are the best evidence, but it is also a good idea to get the contact information of any witnesses who were there when you slipped and fell. This is because you may need to get witness statements from them when you are preparing your case.

Connect With A Slip & Fall Lawyer in Pennsylvania

It is a smart idea to talk with a Pennsylvania slip and fall attorney about your case before you submit a claim. An experienced slip and fall attorney in Pennsylvania can go over your case with you and suggest how you can make the case stronger. They can also review your evidence and let you know if you need more evidence or if there is something that is missing from your claim that you need.

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