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What Should You Do the Day After a Car Accident?

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How you handle the aftermath of a car accident goes a long way towards determining whether you receive compensation for any of the injuries you suffered because of the crash.

The mind races at a frenetic pace as you decide what you need to do to discover whether the other party should assume legal liability for causing the auto accident. You have to deal with painful injuries, damage done to your automobile, and interacting with the other party.

The most important thing to do is to get a claim ready to submit to your insurance company.

What Should I Do the Day After a Car Accident?

Right after an auto accident, you contact law enforcement, gather evidence at the scene, and talk to witnesses. What do you do after a car accident that unfolded last night? The first step is to contact a car accident lawyer.

Speak with an Auto Accident Attorney

To submit the most persuasive car accident claim, you should reach out to an experienced auto accident lawyer. Legal counsel provides advice on how you should proceed with filing a claim with your car insurance company.

Most personal injury attorneys schedule a free case evaluation with potential clients, which means you need to follow a few additional steps to build the most convincing car accident claim.

Get Medical Care

If you did not suffer injuries that required emergency medical treatment, you stayed at the scene of the car accident to collect evidence and interview witnesses.

Less than 24 hours later, you should seek medical attention for the injuries caused by the actions of another party. If the injuries you suffered required immediate attention, returning for more healthcare treatments might become part of your weekly schedule.

You must get medical attention to create a paper trail that demonstrates you suffered from one or more injuries. Your insurance company wants documented proof you received a diagnosis, underwent treatments, and currently participate in a rehabilitation program.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contacting your insurance company initiates the claim process. However, you want to wait to contact your insurer until you speak with a personal injury lawyer.

The reasons for this include waiting for the official police report that describes what caused the car accident and which party should be held liable for your injuries. Another valid reason for waiting to contact your insurance company is to prevent an adjuster from influencing your version of events.

Organize Accident-Related Documents

Designate a paper and digital folder where you keep detailed records that are associated with the auto accident. You put into both folders every receipt generated from the accident, such as auto repair bills and the results of diagnostic tests.

The documents folder should also contain insurance information, such as the number of your claim and the name of the adjuster investigating it. Keep the names and contact information for every witness in the folders as well.

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

Each state has established a statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim. This means you should start building a case as soon as a day after an auto accident. Speaking with a personal injury attorney sets the wheels of the legal system in motion.

Working with a lawyer ensures you take the right steps to seek just compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free case evaluation today to submit the most convincing insurance claim. Car accident attorneys are only paid if you win your claim.

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