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How to Get Compensation for a Parking Lot Accident

Despite the development of advanced car safety technology such as blind spot monitoring devices, parking lots remain fertile grounds for auto accidents. Some commercial properties are designed in a way that makes it difficult to back out of a parking space. The result is a high rate of auto accidents that unfold in all types of settings.

Since it is rare for a parking accident to involve a motorist driving at a high speed, most parking lot accidents are low impact crashes that cause more damage to the vehicles involved than the damage caused to the drivers and passengers.

If you were involved in a parking lost accident, you need to know how to handle the aftermath of the crash. Although most parking lot accidents involve two drivers at the scene of the incident, it is possible that you can come out of a store to notice your vehicle dented and scratched because of the negligence of another driver. How do you get compensation for a parking lot accident caused by another driver?

A good place to start is by contacting a highly rated personal injury attorney.

Know the Types of Damages Paid for By Insurers

Auto accidents of any kind trigger two common types of damages: vehicle and personal injury. Parking lot incidents are typically minor events that lead to the exchanging of information to initiate the insurance claim process. However, some parking lot crashes can produce serious car and personal injury damages.

Your vehicle might have received such a strong impact that you cannot move the car safely even at the slowest speed. Whiplash, concussion, and migraine headaches are some of the physical symptoms that can develop after a parking lot accident.

It is not just your car that received damage because of a parking lot crash. You might endure other types of property loss expenses. For example, maybe a parking lot accident directly impacted a computing device stored in the back seat or a valuable piece of jewelry you wore at the time of the incident. All types of property losses must be included in the claim filed with your auto insurance company.

How to Take Care of Business after a Parking Lot Accident

The first feeling that develops after an auto accident can be anger, especially if another driver caused the accident. You have to suppress any emotions you feel immediately after any type of car crash.

A calm, objective demeanor is a valuable mindset to have because you need to gather the evidence necessary to prove the other driver was negligent. Most parking lot accidents do not require the presence of police to manage the scene.

You are responsible for collecting evidence, which starts by interviewing witnesses of the parking lot crash. Make sure to write down the names and contact information of every witness, as your car insurance company needs the information to conduct interviews.

Ask witnesses about what they saw and heard, as well as where they were located at the time of the accident. The sooner your interview witnesses, the better because fresh accounts of a car crash carry more weight with your auto insurance company.

Working with an accomplished personal injury lawyer improves the chances of you receiving compensation for the negligence of another driver. Schedule a free initial consultation today with a highly rated personal injury attorney. Most personal injury lawyers provide legal services on a contingency fee basis.

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