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Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Damaged Alternator

It would be rare to have an alternator damaged in a car accident unless there had been a major smash and your engine was crushed. If that is what has happened, the replacement of your alternator is probably the least of your worries. There have been a relatively few reports of minor collisions which have caused damage to an alternator’s windings and / or caused the brushes to slip out of place.

It is also possible that if you have had an accident and the only damage seems to be your alternator that you were unlucky, or the jolt did terminal damage to an alternator that was already on its last legs. If you were hit by another driver, you should stick to your guns and file an insurance claim to cover the replacement or repair of the alternator and any other electrical equipment possibly damaged.

Filing a Claim After Alternator Damage

If you do decide to file a claim after your alternator appeared to be damaged in a car accident, make sure you file the claim within the state’s statute of limitations, giving all details about the accident. Include the time, date and place where it happened and what caused the crash to take place.

Describe how you realized that your alternator was damaged and also give details of any other damage which is going to cost you money to repair like scratches or dents on the body or bumper. Also include details of any injuries if there were any. Your attorney will help you work out what to include in your demand letter to the insurer of the driver who hit you.

Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Damaged Alternator

Specific Evidence Needed For Proving Alternator Damage

You should take photos if you can at the crash scene showing the position of the two vehicles and the damage done. If the alternator seems to fail after driving away you may need to be towed.

The tow truck driver can provide a statement to confirm what has gone wrong and that the alternator was not able to recharge the battery. Finally, the repair yard will provide a detailed report of what was wrong with the alternator.

It is unlikely that you wouldn’t also have other damage somewhere, even if it was just a few scratches, so this should be included in the damage report from the car yard. Apart from exchanging details with the driver who hit your car, you should also get contact details from anyone who was in the vicinity at the time of the crash so that they could provide confirmation of what happened at the time of the accident.

Why You Should Work With a PI Lawyer When Filing For Alternator Damage

If there has been substantial damage and replacement of an alternator is only a part of what you need to claim for, it will be worth contacting a personal injury lawyer to find out your chances of success if you file a claim for compensation. If the lawyer thinks you have a good chance of obtaining a payment based on the evidence you have already then he or she should negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Complete the Free Case Evaluation today!

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