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Evidence Needed To Prove Accident Caused Brake Damage

Brakes can be damaged when you have a sudden jolt caused by another vehicle hitting it. It is often the brake lines that carry brake fluid to the brakes that rupture in an accident of this type.

A typical scenario is a rear end collision in which you are hit by a vehicle that does not stop in time. The impact can damage several structural parts to your car as well as rupture brake lines and make your car inoperable until repairs are done.

Brake and other damage due to a car accident can be expensive to fix. You may have been injured at the same time that the car was hit and this will affect you financially. If you can prove that damage to your car and/or injuries sustained were caused by another driver’s negligence, then you may be able to file a claim for compensation.

Filing a Claim After Brake Damage

If your car has been damaged and you or other passengers injured in a car accident, you may be able to file a claim for damages. You will need to prove that any damage to the vehicle and injuries received were definitely caused during the accident.

You’ll need to show that the person who hit you or caused the accident was acting negligently. Examples of negligence include driving while intoxicated, distracted driving, e.g. using a cell phone just before the impact and speeding.

Apart from providing proof of the damages caused and who or what caused them, you will need to be aware that each state sets time limits, known as statutes of limitation on compensation clams. Typically, you need to file your clam within 2 or 3 years after the accident unless the person who hit you was employed by a government entity.

Sample Demand Letter – Brake Damage

Specific Evidence Needed For Proving Brake Damage

You may not be aware of just what damage has been done immediately after an accident, but you should take as many photos as you can. This shows what damage you see and the positions of the two cars at the crash scene.

If you have to be towed away because your brakes are damaged, then the tow truck operator will be able to confirm what has happened. Finally, at the car repair shop, a mechanic can provide a damage report outlining exactly what happened to your brakes and any other part of the car.

You will also need a breakdown of the costs to you resulting from the accident. This includes fitting new brakes, towing the vehicle, other repairs and the use of a rental car while your own car is being repaired.

Why You Should Work With a PI Lawyer When Filing For Brake Damage

It can be very helpful using a knowledgeable PI lawyer to help you process your claim. The lawyer will know what evidence you need to have a good chance of obtaining compensation and will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the level of compensation that is justified by the damage and/or injuries sustained. Complete the Free Case Evaluation at the top of this page to get your claim started!

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