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Evidence Needed To Prove Accident Caused Chipped Paint

One of the most common sorts of damage that can be done to your car in an accident is to the external paintwork. The paint may be scratched or chipped.

If this was caused by another driver’s negligence, such as in a side swipe accident or if someone hit your car in a parking lot, then you would certainly be considering filing a claim against that person’s insurance policy. You may have your own insurance of course, but there is usually a substantial deductible, so you might be out of pocket if you clamed against your own policy.

Claiming against another person’s insurance is more long winded but at least you should eventually obtain satisfactory compensation. If you are worried about making a claim, talk to a car accident attorney about the accident and what you need to do next.

Filing a Claim with Chipped Paint Damage

The most important thing you need to do before filing a claim for damage to your car is to find out how it happened and who was responsible, assuming that you were not to blame. If you were in your car when the accident happened, you can then exchange details with the other driver, including insurance policy details.

If you think that the chipped paint was the other driver’s fault and could have been prevented or avoided wit more care then you have good grounds for presenting a claim with the driver’s insurance provider. You will need proof that the other driver was responsible for the damage and evidence that the chipped pain was actually damaged during that accident. You will also need to have evidence of the cost to you of the damage such as a quotation from a spray painter to fill and spray paint the damaged parts.

Evidence Needed To Prove Accident Caused Chipped Paint

Specific Evidence Needed for Proving Chipped Paint Damage

The main problem with chipped paint damage claims is that the insurer you are filing your claim with may doubt that the damage was done by their client at the time you said it was. Scratched and chipped paint are not uncommon on cars, so you will need to show evidence that the damage was done by the person you say it was.

One good example of evidence you can obtain at the accident scene is to take photos of the vehicles involved after the collision and the damage to your vehicle that has been done. There may be other damage such as dents or bumps as well as damage to the paintwork. Take several different photos, including close-up photos which should show how fresh the scratches and chips are.

There may also have been someone who saw what happened and could vouch for the fact that the accident caused the damage to your paintwork. You will need their contact details and agreement from them that they would be prepared to send a statement describing what happened. You could also make a voice recording if you have a suitable app on your cell phone.

Why you Should Work with a Lawyer When Filing for Chipped Paint Damage

You may find that your claim is paid out without the insurer challenging it, but if you think you may have difficulties convincing the insurer that their client was at fault, then you should discuss the accident and claim with a suitable car accident attorney.

If an injury occurred as a result of the accident, then you could file a personal injury claim including the damage to your vehicle with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Complete the Free Case Evaluation today!

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