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Evidence Needed To Prove a Accident Damaged Distributor

Accidents take place on our highways and freeways in the thousands every day of the week. These not only injure and kill victims but also causes substantial damage to cars including to their distributors.

Before a claim for car damage can be filed, the driver of the car has to be eligible for personal injury compensation based on injuries incurred in the accident. These injuries typically have to be severe enough to warrant the need for medical treatment and long recovery times that lead to financial hardship.

These days it is not too difficult to find out the cause of a car accident. If you are not to blame in any way you should be eligible to file a PI claim that includes damage to the distributor in your car.

Filing a Claim with Distributor Damage

Before a personal injury claim can be filed it is important to get the proof that cannot be disputed by the insurer. Car or distributor damage cannot be claimed on their own in a PI claim.

It has to be part of a compensation claim that provides compensation for the victim’s financial hardship caused by the car accident such as the cost of medical treatment and compensation for lost income. There are several pieces of evidence that could be crucial to winning any PI claim. Some of which are mentioned below:

  • a police report which describes the cause of the car accident and the car damage including to the distributor;
  • reports from eye witnesses;
  • photos of the damage to the car including the distributor;
  • the garage’s damage report describing the distributor damage;
  • the doctor’s report describing the injuries and potential recovery time;
  • the medical treatment receipt;
  • the employer’s assessment of the victim’s wages or salary.

If all the evidence is indisputable then it is the right time to file a PI claim for both the victim and the car damage as long as it is within the statute of limitations for that state.

Evidence Needed To Prove a Accident Damaged Distributor

Specific Evidence Needed for Proving Distributor Damage

When it comes to assessing the distributor damage, the insurance adjuster will want to see the mechanic’s report as to what caused the distributor damage and when it happened. The insurer wants to be sure the distributor was damaged in this most recent car accident and not at some earlier date. The tell tale signs of damage at an earlier date are the presence of rust which develops when the distributor is damaged and the protective paint layer has been stripped.

Why you Should Work with a PI Lawyer When Filing for Distributor Damage

PI claims are never easy to win if the victim does not get a personal injury lawyer to work on his or her behalf. Insurers may trick the victim into taking a token amount which rarely covers the full financial hardship the victim is likely to encounter including the car’s distributor damage.

A personal injury lawyer has a far higher chance of winning a favorable settlement than any victim trying to take on an insurer on his/her own. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation on this page today!

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