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Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Damaged Fan Belt

A worn out or damaged fan belt is something that needs attention. It is part of routine maintenance and helps to ensure your alternator is working efficiently and may be needed for the engine cooling system.

Fan belts may be damaged in a car accident directly or the damage may be a symptom of other damage to your car. Although a replacement fan belt is a minor cost, any other related repairs may be expensive.

If the accident was not your fault, but caused by the poor driving of another driver, you may be able to claim compensation for any damage to your vehicle and the cost of medical treatment if you, or any passengers in your car, were hurt in the accident. Don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury attorney if you think that you have a substantial repair bill.

Filing a Claim After Your Fan Belt Was Damaged

If you decide to file a claim for damage to your vehicle after it was hot by another vehicle, be aware that there are time limits that prevent claims from being submitted after a certain period has elapsed from the accident. It is best to file a claim as soon as you can, rather than leave it too late.

You will need proof that the damage to your engine was done when the accident happened and also have evidence showing who caused the accident. Insurers will want to know that the components of your car that you claim were damaged were definitely damaged during the accident and not worn out through normal use.

You will need a damage report from the car repair shop if there was more damage than just your fan belt and documentation showing exactly what the accident has cost you, including any alternative transport costs and treatment for injuries.

Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Damaged Fan Belt

Specific Evidence Needed For Proving Fan Belt Damage

You are probably unlikely to seek compensation for just a fan belt replacement unless you have a very expensive belt. There will be some visible signs of damage to your car and these can be shown by photographic evidence, preferably taken at the crash scene rather than afterwards.

Eye witnesses are often very useful when making a claim if available. They can confirm what they saw and that you were not at fault, which is an important point when making a claim for damages.

The car repair mechanic who deals with the repair can prepare a damage report and this will be primary evidence of the nature of the damage, how it was caused as well as how much the repairs will cost.

Why You Should Work With a PI Lawyer When Filing For Fan Belt Damage

If you have a substantial repair bill or are concerned about the cost of necessary medical treatment, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney before filing a claim. The attorney will assess your chances of success if you proceed with a claim and whether your evidence is sufficient to convince the other driver’s insurer that you should be paid compensation. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page today!

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