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Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Damaged Headlights

A head on crash can damage several parts of your car, including your headlights, the bumper and bonnet. It is not just inconvenient having a crash of this sort. Repairs can become expensive and you may have to leave your vehicle in the care of a repair shop until all repairs are completed.

Head on crashes can also cause serious injuries. You should not have to pay out of your own pocket if someone else’s poor driving caused the damage to the car and injuries. If the total repair bill together with any medical costs is going to be high, you should strongly consider using a personal injury lawyer to help you with a formal claim.

Filing a Claim After Damage To Your Headlights

Headlight replacement can be expensive, especially if a mechanic has to be used to replace the lights. There will probably be other noticeable damage to the front of your car as well.

Make sure you include proof that the items you are claiming for were damaged as a result of the other driver’s driving. The claim will be made with that driver’s insurer. Insurers make sure that all the documentation necessary is submitted before they consider agreeing to make a payment.

Most states have strict time limits beyond which a claim cannot be made. In fact, attorneys who deal with car accident claims suggest that you file your claim earlier rather than later. If you do need witness statements these will be easier to obtain soon after the accident.

Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Damaged Headlights

Specific Evidence Needed For Proving Headlight Damage

Headlights can be damaged for all sorts of reasons, so you will need proof that yours were damaged when you had the accident. The best way of doing this is to take photos at the crash scene, showing the positions of the two vehicles immediately after the crash.

You may have a camera app on your cell phone, which would be useful to obtain the evidence you need. In addition to photos, you may be able to get contact details from any eye witness who saw the accident happened and can confirm that you were not to blame. If you use a car repair shop to do any repairs or replace the headlights, make sure you get a report from them to submit to the driver at-fault’s insurer.

Why You Should Work With a PI Lawyer When Filing For Headlight Damage

Insurers may doubt that their client was responsible for headlight damage and claim that they were damaged before the crash or that you were to blame for the crash. If you think you are going to have a hefty repair bill, or you are worrying about the financial repercussions will be if you need extensive medical treatment then you are strongly advised to use a personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim.

Most PI lawyers will provide a free initial consultation to see if they can provide legal assistance and if they take your case on, should defer any legal fees until a compensation payment is made. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected with a lawyer that takes cases in your area!

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