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Evidence Needed to Prove Accident Caused Radio Damage

When a car accident takes place people are often injured and there will be damage to the car, including its radio. How much damage and how serious the injuries are depend on the road conditions at the time and the speed of the traffic.

If a vehicle driver wasn’t paying sufficient attention and merged in front of a car causing serious damage to the bonnet, windscreen and front part of the car there could be damage to devices like radios which are inside the car on the dashboard. There could also be serious injuries to the occupants of the car.

The person involved in the car accident who was not to blame will by now be worrying about his injuries and how they are going to pay medical bills and repairs to the car. If the victim plays their cards right it is possible to file a personal injury claim against the at fault driver’s insurer that will cover all the costs associated with the accident. Of course, PI claims are typically rarely straightforward and the helping hand of a personal injury lawyer helps to ensure a just settlement is reached.

Filing a Claim for Radio Damage

Evidence is the key to a successful PI claim, which includes proving who caused the damage to the car and its contents. If you know your radio was damaged in the car accident the repair yard which you ask to undertake the repairs will know when the radio was damaged and will report this if you ask him/her to do so.

Photographic evidence showing the position of the radio in the car and any surrounding damage may be sufficient as proof for the insurer. As your radio damage is to be part of your PI claim there are other bits of evidence that may help you win your claim such as:

  • a detailed police report describing the damage to your car;
  • eye witness accounts showing the car accident was not your fault;
  • photos showing the damage to both the inside and outside of your car including the radio;
  • your physician’s report describing your injuries;
  • receipts for medical treatment you have already paid for;
  • your employer’s letter showing the value of lost income.

Evidence Needed to Prove Accident Caused Radio Damage

Specific Evidence Needed for Proving Radio Damage

The car repair yard will need to decide if he/she has sufficient evidence to prove the radio was damaged in that particular accident and not at some earlier date. This is the sort of proof the insurer will want before arriving at a decision as to how much the claim is really worth. If the mechanic can vouch that the radio damage was caused in the accident then it is likely the insurer will reach a settlement without further delay.

Why you Should Work with a PI Lawyer When Filing for Radio Damage

Insurers often try to trick car accident victims into taking just a percentage of the true value of a claim. A personal injury lawyer is unlikely to agree to this and will push to get the true value of the PI claim. To get your claim reviewed by a personal injury attorney, complete the Free Case Evaluation above today!

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