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Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Caused Shock Damage

Shock absorbers are designed to do exactly what the name suggests – absorb the everyday bumps and shocks transmitted up through the wheels to the axles and the rest of the car body as a car moves across a road surface. Without shocks, riding the car is more uncomfortable, less safe and can damage the main structure of the car over time.

Shocks do need to be replaced in time, but what can ruin them quickly is a badly maintained road surface. Excessive holes and hazardous objects on the road can ruin shocks and then they need to be replaced before the car can safely be used. If you can prove that poor maintenance damaged your shocks, you may have good grounds for filing a claim for damages.

Filing a Claim After Shock Damage

If you believe that your shocks were damaged in an accident due to poor road maintenance then you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the company, agency or department responsible for maintaining the road where the accident took place. Bear in mind that a claim just for the value of the shock replacement may not be worth the trouble.

However, if the shock damage is just part of the damage done or the car, or you and other passengers were injured, then this would certainly justify a claim for compensation. You will need proof of negligence, invoices and bills for repair of the shocks and any other damage, similar documentation if there were injuries and a detailed report of damage from the car repair yard.

Note that every state has slightly different regulations concerning personal injury claims. You must be careful to take into consideration how long you have to file a claim, which is the state’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Also note that if your claim is directed at a government agency or department there are special conditions attached to making a claim.

Evidence Needed to Prove Car Accident Caused Shock Damage

Specific Evidence Needed For Proving Shock Damage

To obtain compensation you will need proof that there was a serious neglect of the road surface which caused you to have an accident and damage the shocks on your car. The evidence for uneven or bumpy, holey road surface can be obtained by photographic evidence with the date stamp on.

Make sure you take photos of your car on that stretch of road to show that you were definitely using it. Other car drivers using the same road may also be prepared to give evidence about the state of the road. Your repair yard should provide proof that your shocks were damaged and probably be able to provide a reason why they were damaged.

Why You Should Work With a PI Lawyer When Filing For Shock Damage

It can be hard claiming compensation for shock damage due to poor road surfaces. The claim will more than likely be directed at a government maintenance department and there are strict time limits and other conditions imposed on making a claim.

You are advised to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you with a claim. By filling out the Free Case Evaluation on this page, you’ll get connected with an attorney that takes cases in your area. Don’t wait!

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