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Evidence to Prove Car Accident Caused Transmission Damage

If all drivers on the highways and freeways were to take their driving seriously and always heed road rules by not driving too fast and paying attention to traffic and road conditions, accidents would not take place so frequently. Unfortunately, drivers have not quite reached this stage yet, which means that too many accidents take place. This does not just involve injuries to those involved but damage to the expensive transmissions in a car as well. When this happens, the driver who owns the car will want some compensation to pay for the damaged transmission. This will mean filling a personal injury claim to cover the financial losses caused by the injuries, which should also include a written estimate of the car damage including the transmission.

Filing a Claim with Transmission Damage

Evidence is the most important aspect of any personal injury claim, so the victim will have to provide indisputable evidence that should be presented to the insurer of the at-fault driver. This can include:

  • the police report which includes car and transmission damage;
  • eye witness stating who was the cause of the accident;
  • the details of the transmission damage provided by the car repair yard;
  • the victim’s doctor’s report;
  • receipts for any medical treatment received;
  • details of the salary that cannot be paid because you are off work recovering.

With any PI claim it is important to make sure it is submitted within the statute of limitations of that state where the accident took place and the PI claim is to be filed. This is typically 2 or 3 years, but this is not the case with all states.

Evidence to Prove Car Accident Caused Transmission Damage

Specific Evidence Needed for Proving Transmission Damage

The transmission is not easy to see, but it is expensive to replace, so if it has been damaged the cost of repair needs to be included in a PI claim. The insurer wants to be sure the transmission was damaged in this specific car accident and not some time earlier. The mechanic should be able to determine when the transmission was damaged and how, as it is not possible to drive a car with faulty transmission let alone if it has just been damaged seriously in the car accident. This will be mentioned in the car damage report.

Why you Should Work with a PI Lawyer When Filing for Transmission Damage

You are the one who will have to pay for the financial hardship caused in an accident that was not your fault. It is better to win a just settlement by hiring a PI lawyer to help you than only be offered a token amount because you file the claim on your own. PI claims are never easy to win, so getting a PI lawyer to help you will bring you closer to winning a settlement you deserve which will include the cost of repairing your car’s transmission damage.

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