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Do Accidents Show Up on My Driving Record?

You have worked hard to have a good driving record, and then it happens. You are in an auto accident. Now you are stressing because you are wondering if it will show up on your driving record.

The details about how it will appear and how long it will be there are dependent on several things including your state laws. If the police are called, which they should be for most accidents, and they file a report, then it will show up on your motor vehicle record through the state.

Now that state systems are digitized, at-fault accidents and tickets will be on your driving record for five years in most cases.

If your auto insurance company requests a copy of your driving record, or if your employer checks your driving history, they are going to see any at-fault crashes, tickets, or convictions for the last three to five years.

Some convictions, such as a vehicular homicide or alcohol-related driving charges could be on there much longer since they are criminal convictions.

DUIs or vehicular homicide convictions will most likely show on your criminal background check for most likely the rest of your life unless you have the conviction or charges expunged.

What is Included On My Driving Record?

Your driving record contains important information about you and your driving history. Here are a few of the details that will be included:

  • Your personal identification information, such as your name, address, birthdate, gender, and details regarding your personal appearance.
  • Specific details regarding your license, such as the license number, your type, class, restrictions, endorsements, status, and dates of expiration and issue.
  • How many points you have on your driver’s license – points are received from violations and at-fault accidents.
  • Details regarding any convictions, such as the citation number and date, the conviction date, the offense type, the violation code.

Do Accidents Show Up on My Driving Record?

How Does My Driving Record Affect Me?

Your driving record will help you or hurt you in various ways. Your employer might use your driving record and include it as part of your background check. Your auto insurance company will review it when determining whether to insure you and what your premium rates should be.

There are several ways that a poor driving record can affect you – it can cause a license suspension, higher insurance premiums, and make you ineligible for some jobs. Your driving history is recorded so driver license agencies can refer to details about you as a driver.

The information kept in your record is used to determine points against you for violations and accidents and then to determine if you have attained enough points to have your driving privileges suspended.

Law enforcement can look at your driving record to see if you have a valid, active license and that you are entitled to operate a vehicle on the roads. If you move, the state where you move might access your records from your previous state to determine if you are eligible to be licensed.

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