What Should I Do if I am in a Car Crash in a Bank Drive Thru?

Car accidents take place every day, even to drivers who don’t lose concentration when out on the road. Accidents in bank drive throughs are surprisingly common. They are, without a doubt, busy places, as it so much easier to drive right up to the ATM machine, let the machine read your card, and, if successful, withdraw the cash.

Unfortunately, bank drive throughs typically aren’t the place you expect a crash to happen. Howver, they do happen, and with alarming regularity.

If you have been involved in a bank drive through accident , you have been injured, and the accident was not your fault, you may find you are entitled to file a personal injury compensation claim that helps to cover the financial hardship caused by a car crash that was not your fault.

The best way to find out if you are eligible is to contact a personal injury attorney first who will give you an honest opinion as to whether your claim is likely to be successful.

How a Car Crash Accident Could Take Place in a Bank Drive Through

As a bank drive through is as busy place, most accidents happen when a driver is not paying attention to what he or she is doing and pulls out without looking to see if anyone is about to overtake them. This immediately causes the car behind to swerve, which if not done swiftly enough can cause an accident.

What Should I do if I Had a Car Crash in a Bank Drive Through?

Another reason for a car crash at a bank drive through is when a car joins the main road again and doesn’t look to see if any other traffic is approaching the drive through. This can cause a serious rear-ender if the approaching vehicle is unable to stop in time.

Possible Car Crash Injuries

Any accident at a bank drive could cause serious injuries to the driver and passengers of the cars involved. The sorts of injuries from a serious crash at a bank drive through could include:

  • Facial lacerations from broken glass
  • Broken arms and legs from the impact of the crash
  • Spinal injuries
  • Herniated disk
  • Pinched nerves

What You Could Do to Recover Damages

Once you have decided that the accident at the bank drive through was not your fault, you will have to start to piece together evidence to prove who caused the accident.

This means:

  • Requesting the accident report from the police officer who attended the accident scene
  • Asking any witnesses to write down what they saw and keeping their contact details safe
  • Ensuring you have a thorough medical report from the doctor who is treating you
  • Having any receipts available for treatment you have already paid for

These important pieces of evidence will help you to get the compensation you deserve for an accident that was not your fault. You should also ensure you get your claim in before the time limit that is set by states. It could be anything from 12 months to 3 years.

Why You Should Use a Lawyer to Help You with a Personal Injury Claim

All this may sound quite straightforward, but when it comes to dealing with insurers, you may find it far easier if you talk to a personal injury attorney first.

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