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How Much Can I Get if in an Accident in a Construction Zone?

Most people are aware of just how dangerous some construction zones can be. They tend to be most dangerous for the workers who spend all day there fixing the road surface or attending to a hazard that has appeared.

All drivers should have seen warnings about speeding as they pass through a construction zone. However, some drivers don’t slow down or adjust their driving to suit the slower traffic flow.

If you have been involved in a construction zone auto accident you will be wondering just how much you can obtain in compensation to help pay bills you never thought you would end up paying. A personal injury lawyer can provide valuable legal advice about such a claim.

Reasons Why a Construction Zone is Such an Accident Hot Spot

Construction zones inevitably become a little chaotic. It is not always possible to divert traffic around a construction or maintenance zone on a highway. Not all construction zones are well organized, making driving at times more hazardous than it needs to be.

Construction machinery or materials can become loose and cause accidents. Traffic lights or road markers may stop working, or go missing, making it difficult to know how to get through safely. Supervisors, or construction and maintenance workers, may not be on site.

On top of that, drivers can get restless and impatient. They may not take any notice of instructions or signs, or drive too fast for the conditions. This is when other factors affecting driver behavior often show up more like fatigue or aggressive behavior.

Calculating How Much You Could Obtain in an Auto Accident Compensation Claim

Every highway accident is unique. There may be damage to the vehicle and other property. The occupants of the vehicle may be injured. Compensation must be proportionate to the amount of both property damage and injuries that have occurred.

A typical auto accident compensation claim takes into account several different factors. Often, in more complex cases, a lawyer will ensure an expert, or experts, are called in to determine the degree of damage done and therefore how much should be claimed in compensation.

Typical claims include payments for:

  • Property damage, principally the car.
  • Treatment and surgery needed because of any injuries to the occupants in the damaged car.
  • Lost earnings because it was impossible to return to normal work after the crash.
  • Pain and suffering experienced.
  • Punitive damages if there was excessive negligence involved.

How Much Can I Get if in an Accident in a Construction Zone?

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Auto accidents are not always straightforward. Every claim is different and the calculation of how much should be paid in compensation is often best left to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The lawyer will have dealt with cases like yours before and will have a good idea of how much to ask for when filing a claim. Often, taking into account things like medical costs, repairs to the car and replacement of lost earnings are relatively straightforward.

Other amounts are just as valid, but are more difficult to get right. This is where a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will use previous experience to come up with a reasonable figure to use in the claim. Complete the Free Case Evaluation to get started.

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