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Should I Keep an Information Exchange Form in My Car?

You are not legally required to keep an information exchange form in your car just in case you need it, as a police officer attending an accident scene will have one available and will distribute them if he or she thinks it’s fit to do so.

If you have the misfortune to become involved in what seems to be a minor auto accident, as the damage to property appears to be no more than $1,500 and no known injuries have taken place, the officer will probably call your accident “non reportable.”

When this takes place the officer will fill in a Police Crash Report and not ask too many questions but will distribute an “Exchange of Information” form. If you are involved in an accident and the police are not called you will still need to exchange information with the other driver.

This is when an exchange of information form would be handy to have around. You must inform the police immediately if there has been any death or injury resulting from the accident.

As you don’t always need to inform the police of an accident but you still may need to exchange information with the other driver having an exchange of information form kept in a safe place in your auto wouldn’t be a bad idea.

What an Exchange of Information Form Contains

The exchange of information form typically contains the following information about a driver: name and address, telephone number, number of the driver’s license, number of the license plate, model of vehicle, make, color and year, as well as the insurance company details.

Should I Keep an Information Exchange Form in My Car?

Keeping this information in a safe place can be critical for your attorney to properly handle your claim. If you're unsure about what you'd need to take down or how to do it, you may want to take a look at our tips for taking down someone's information.

An Exchange of Information Form is Useful in a Non-Reportable Accident

If you need to file for compensation for injuries that have taken place in a non-reportable accident, it is useful if you have the “Exchange of Information” form you used at the accident scene.

This will be of great help to your personal injury attorney for determining important accident details like where and when the accident happened, who was driving the other vehicle and his or her contact details.

These sorts of details won’t be available at the police station as it was a non-reportable accident. The insurance company’s response to your claim may not even have the name of the defendant accountable for the accident. You may be able to use this information as evidence for a personal injury case.

An Exchange of Information Form is Useful for an Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and you are intent on suing the driver any information collected at the time of the accident which was filled in on an Exchange of Information form will be vital for your case. This is because it gives your attorney access to the correct information regarding the details of those involved plus the contact details of the insurer.

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