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Can more than one person be responsible for an auto accident?

What is a personal injury and auto accident?

A personal injury claim plays a pivotal role in helping an injured person get compensation for the injuries suffered by him. A personal injury can be suffered either due to an auto accident or any other reason like slip and fall. The compensation amount usually depends on the extent of injuries suffered by the injured person.

A personal injury claim helps injured person to sort out the following points:

  • The medical bills of the injured person
  • Other losses and expenses of the injured person
  • Injury healing issues by providing adequate time to rest

When more than one person is at fault

Whenever a situation arises in which more than one driver is responsible for causing an injury, then the guilty is fully responsible for compensating the injuries of the victim. The guilty parties should themselves reach a settlement and decide on the compensation source.

The case when many individuals are found at fault, the injured person gets a few vital advantages. If one of the guilty is not insured, then the victim can make a claim against another culprit who is insured. If both the culprits are insured, then the claim needs to be settled with only one insurance company.

The injured person must take note of all the persons at fault and notify each one of them that a person injury claim could be made against them. Thereafter, depending on the circumstances of the accident, or which insurance company accepts to pay the damages, the injured person will file the personal injury claim against the guilty.

What comparative negligence law signifies?

A comparative negligence rule ensures the decrease in the compensation amount of the injured person, in case he is proved at a fault that led to his injuries. Following points need to be looked at for better understanding of how a victim can be booked under comparative negligence fault:

  • Was the injured person justified in being present at the accident spot?
  • Was there any chance that the injured person could have been saved?
  • Was the injured person found casual at the accident spot and avoided any warnings?
  • Was the victim involved in any harmful activity that made him injured?

The comparative negligence law states that, if an injured person is found at fault of 51% or more, then he cannot file a personal injury claim against the accused.

How an attorney can support?

An attorney can always support the injured person in a number of ways:

  • By contacting the insurer of the guilty
  • By regularly updating the information received from the doctors, that could help in availing the claim
  • By maintaining all the medical records and bills
  • By focusing on all the evidence that could help in acquiring the claim
  • By making efforts that leads to a settlements acceptable to all

A good attorney can help the injured person in making the task of accomplishing the personal injury claim much easier. One can easily find a reputed personal injury attorney through internet.