No-Fault Car Insurance in Kentucky

Kentucky is one of a dozen states that imposes rules concerning no-fault insurance, although in the case of Kentucky there is the option available to opt out of the rules. In a strict no-fault state, every registered driver must have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to cover them in the event of an injury caused by an auto accident.

In a “choice” no-fault state, a driver can choose whether to take out PIP insurance and be covered whether they are responsible for an accident or not, or not take out PIP and risk losing compensation if they are to blame for an accident. It pays to read the information on state auto insurance rules very carefully before deciding on an option if you intend driving in Kansas.

Kentucky Auto Insurance Rules

Auto insurance rules in Kentucky depend on whether you opt in or out of no-fault coverage. Apart from personal injury protection, though, the state has similar rules to most other states. Every registered driver must have minimum liability insurance.

That means that if you are to blame for an accident and are sued, you have sufficient insurance to cover most claims. The rules on minimum liability insurance are:

  • $25,000 per person injured by you in an auto accident;
  • $50,000 per accident to cover all injured persons;
  • $10,000 for damage to another driver’s car or other property.

These are minimum amounts and if you want to take out a higher insurance cover, then this is between you and your insurance provider. The obvious reason for doing this is if another driver is hit by you and is seriously injured. Their claim may be considerably more than the minimum of $25,000 mandated by the state.

No-Fault Car Insurance in Kentucky

PIP Insurance Provisions in Kentucky

The PIP rules in Kentucky allow you to “opt out” of personal injury protection insurance, but this must be done by applying to the state’s Department of Insurance using the relevant form. You won’t then be able to claim for any injuries if you are involved in an auto accident except when the accident is another driver’s fault. You then have the option of filing a personal injury claim against them if you can prove liability.

If you do opt for PIP coverage, the minimum amount is $10,000. You can opt for a higher amount if you wish to do so. This figure is for all injury related compensation that has a clear monetary value, in particular, medical bills and lost earnings. You cannot claim for non monetary compensation as you can in a personal injury claim.

Although your ability to step outside the no-fault system if you have opted to take out PIP is limited, you can still do so if your bill for medical treatment exceeds $4,000 or you have been permanently disabled or disfigured.

How a PI Lawyer Can Help if Hit in Kentucky

In the event that you either opt out of Pip coverage or your needs allow you to take a claim outside your PIP insurance, it is advisable to seek advice from an experienced personal injury attorney. Most PI attorneys will provide a free consultation in which you can explore your legal options and decide whether to go ahead with a personal injury claim.

If the attorney thinks you have good grounds for such a claim, it is likely that they will take your case on and defer legal fees until the case has been won in your favor. Complete the Free Case Evaluation today!

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