Was Your Scooter Damaged in an Auto Accident?

Was your scooter damaged in an auto accident? If you, your scooter, or both, were damaged after a car hit you, you may be entitled to claim damages from the car driver, as long as you can obtain proof that the driver was to blame.

Scooters are relatively fragile machines and a direct hit from a larger, heavier vehicle can seriously damage it as well as injure you, the rider.

It's not fair that you should have to pay for the repair or replacement of your scooter or pay for medical treatment if the car driver was behaving in a negligent way.

The best advice is to discuss the accident with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able to do so.

Damages Sought After Your Scooter Was Hit by a Car

There are several scenarios that could have occurred when a car hits your scooter.

Were you riding it at the time? Was it hit while parked up at the side of the street or in a parking lot? At the very least, if you believe that the accident shouldn’t have happened and was the result of careless driving, you will want to pursue damages from the car driver’s insurance provider.

As long as proof is available that the collision was the driver’s fault, you should get back the cost of the repair or replacement of your scooter as well as transport costs while scooter less.

If you were injured, you will want to pursue compensation for the cost of any medical treatment you had to obtain as well as replacement of any lost earnings. Many personal injury claims also include compensation for the pain and suffering caused you as a result of the accident.

Personal injury claims are particularly significant in no-fault states as the law may not extend to scooter accidents.

Determining Fault After Your Scooter Was Hit in an Auto accident

It is important to determine who was at fault if you intend claiming compensation. The driver at fault’s insurer is unlikely to pay compensation without proof that the company’s client was at fault.

Was Your Scooter Damaged in a Auto Accident?

It is quite common for an insurer to refuse to pay compensation if there is any chance that you were to blame, even if it was only slightly your fault, e.g. your scooter was parked badly. You are advised never to admit fault in a scooter accident although in many, but not all states there is provision in the personal injury laws for compensation when there is shared fault.

In the end, it is the reliability of the evidence you can collect which will determine whether your claim will be successful.

How a Lawyer Can Help You With a Claim

You should seek initial advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer before submitting a claim. The lawyer can then help you substantiate your claim if he or she thinks that you have a good chance of winning it. The lawyer will also be able to negotiate more skillfully with the insurer and if necessary take the case to court.

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