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What Can I Do If a Car Sped Up For a Yellow Light and Hit Me?

If you are at a traffic light, you know to use caution. Even if your light is green, you should look to make sure the other drivers are being attentive and not avoiding a red light. When a light turns yellow, a car should slow down to a stop before crossing the intersection. However, some drivers choose to speed up and go through the intersection, causing an accident.

Speeding up for a yellow light can be dangerous, as the light could turn red and the other lane of traffic start proceeding through before you clear the intersection. If a car sped up for a yellow light and caused an accident, you can pursue a personal injury claim.

Gathering the Evidence

Sometimes there is a traffic camera at a red light. If so, this can provide you with evidence. It can show officers if the car sped up for a yellow light and caused a crash. Also, ask any witnesses to provide statements. Corroborating witnesses can help your claim be successful.

Take note of the time of the crash because the traffic lights rotation system might be able to tell the police officers what color the light was at that specific time and where the traffic light was in its rotation, which could prove the car sped up on a yellow light and a crash resulted because of that.

Making sure an accident report is filed is very important to your claim. You will need to seek medical care as soon as possible after the accident, so you can have medical care established in a timely manner. Some injuries are not apparent right away, but you need to be examined by a medical provider.

Damages That Might Result If a Car Sped Up For a Yellow Light

A car speeding up at a yellow light could lead to a serious car accident. It could cause a T-bone crash, which can lead to serious physical injury and extensive property damages. Damages that are common from such an accident include both present and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damages, permanent disfigurement and/or scarring, long-term disabilities, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

Maintain documentation to support your damages. Keep copies of medical records, medical bills, proof of lost wages, written repair estimates for damages, photos of the accident scene and damages, and a copy of the accident report.

What Can I Do If a Car Sped Up For a Yellow Light and Hit Me?

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident because of a car speeding up at a yellow light, you should consult with a personal injury attorney. Such accident injury claims can be complicated, so make sure you have an experienced attorney aggressively pursuing your claim.

With the help of an lawyer, you are much more likely to get a fair settlement or judgment for your damages after an auto accident. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form found on this page, so a personal injury lawyer can review your case.

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