Finding a Car Accident Attorney if Hit by a Driver That Fell Asleep

Fatigue is a major cause of traffic accidents. It is particularly common on long stretches of U.S. highways when drivers make a decision to keep driving rather than stopping to rest and sleep. Truck drivers are legally obliged to take rest stops, but there are no equivalent rules for non-commercial drivers.

One of the most frightening aspects of these accidents is that you cannot predict their occurrence. There is nothing you can do to avoid a tired or napping driver. If you are hit by a driver asleep at the wheel, and you are injured, you have very good grounds to claim compensation from the driver through a personal injury claim. You are advised to hire a personal injury attorney to help you with the claim process.

Damages after an Accident Caused by a Driver Asleep at the Wheel

It is more likely than not that you would be hit by a napping driver on the open road or long stretch of highway. Congested and busy urban streets tend to keep even tired drivers on their toes.

Any collision that happens at speed could seriously damage your vehicle and cause severe injuries to the occupants of both vehicles. The damages claimed in these circumstances would include:

  • immediate repayment of all medical costs to date;
  • payment for estimated cost of future medical treatment if the injuries are likely to take a long time to heal;
  • full compensation for earnings that might have been lost due to the injuries sustained;
  • compensation for future estimated loss of earnings;
  • compensation for damaged or destroyed property;
  • compensation for pain and suffering and other non economic damages.

Finding a Car Accident Attorney if Hit by a Driver That Fell Asleep

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Prove Fault

You might think that if you were hit by someone who was asleep at the wheel that this would constitute absolute proof of negligence. However, how could you tell the other driver was asleep?

Insurers would be reluctant to part with compensation unless there is more proof that their client was liable for damages. Your chosen car accident attorney will have dealt with cases like yours before and will be able to help prove fault. Evidence that will help your case will include the police report compiled at the scene of the crash, any eye witness statements and medical assessment of the other driver’s condition, depending on the effect of the crash on that individual.

Why You Should Let a Car Accident Lawyer Handle Your Case

If you were hit by a driver who was asleep there are likely to be serious financial implications. These come on top of the pain and suffering caused by the actual injuries, the damage done to your car and the need to stop work to have treatment or surgery. It doesn’t make sense to try and negotiate with a driver’s insurance provider all by yourself.

Car accident attorneys mostly defer legal fees until a compensation payment has been negotiated. If the claim is unsuccessful for any reason, it is unlikely that you will have anything to pay. On the other hand, the attorney has a much better chance of securing the amount of damages you need to get your life back in order than you would have all by yourself. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to have your case looked over by a lawyer today!

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