Filing a Walgreens Slip and Fall Claim in Florida*

Accidents can happen virtually anywhere. Even a simple trip to Walgreens can result in a slip and fall accident.

Have you recently been injured in a Walgreens slip and fall accident in Florida? If so, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Keep reading to learn more about your legal options. You could seek the compensation for which you are eligible by filing a Florida personal injury claim with the insurance of Walgreens.

What Are Florida Slip and Fall Laws?

Florida’s premises liability laws require property owners to take reasonable steps to minimize the chances of accidents occurring on their properties. If you’re hurt in a Florida slip and fall accident at a Walgreens, or any other pharmacy, you may deserve financial compensation if your accident resulted from the negligence of ownership.

Be aware that your own negligence may also contribute to your injuries in these circumstances. For example, maybe you tripped over an item that fell to the floor in a Walgreens. Perhaps you didn’t see the item partially because you were busy talking to someone instead of watching where you were going.

Maybe this means you’re deemed 40% responsible for causing your accident. Under Florida’s comparative negligence (or contributory fault) laws, this means the maximum amount of compensation you might have received had the accident resulted solely from ownership’s negligence can be reduced by 40%.

How Long Do I Have to File a Slip and Fall Claim Against a Pharmacy in FL

Per Florida’s statute of limitations, you have four years from the time you were injured to file a Florida personal injury claim after a Walgreens slip and fall accident. If you wait too long to take legal action, you may waive your right to seek compensation.

What Do I Need To Prove in My Claim Against a Pharmacy in FL?

You must establish the following when filing a Florida personal injury claim against Walgreens’ insurance:

  • A hazardous condition existed on the property
  • If ownership has fulfilled their duty to guests, they would have known about the dangerous condition and addressed it before your accident occurred
  • Your accident and injuries resulted from this condition
  • You incurred losses such as medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses for which you may deserve financial compensation

The process of seeking compensation typically begins with filing an insurance claim. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, you can sue them and seek damages in court.

Get in Touch With a Lawyer That Takes Florida Slip and Fall Cases

Gathering sufficient evidence to prove you’re eligible for compensation after a Walgreens slip and fall accident can require conducting a thorough investigation. Luckily, this isn’t a task you need to handle yourself.

A Florida slip and fall accident lawyer can investigate the accident on your behalf. They may also assist you by completing paperwork, negotiating with the insurance company, and even representing you in court if necessary. Learn more about what an attorney can do for you when filing a Florida personal injury claim by taking the Free Case Evaluation form on this page right now to get connected and speak with a Florida personal injury lawyer today.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Walgreen’s or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.