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Drunk Driver Hit My Parked Car

If your car was parked when it was hit by a drunk driver, you might not feel so lucky, but you were much luckier than you would have been if both vehicles were in motion. Most likely, your vehicle wasn’t as severely damaged.

If you were in the vehicle at the time of impact, you could suffer injuries, but most likely they aren’t life-altering or life-threatening. Regardless, you have suffered damages and you can pursue a personal injury claim to seek compensation to cover your losses caused by a drunk driver hitting your parked car.

What to Do If a Drunk Driver Hits Your Parked Car

If a drunk driver hits your parked car, you should call the police, so an accident report can be completed. You should take photos of the accident scene and of the damage to the vehicles.

If possible, exchange insurance information with the other driver, but he or she might not be as cooperative. If there are any witnesses, ask them for statements along with their names and contact details.

If your vehicle cannot be driven, you will need to call a tow truck, or the officer might call one for you. If you were sitting in the vehicle at the time of the impact, you should be checked by a medical professional. Even a minor jar can cause whiplash or other soft tissue injuries or contusions.

Damages To Your Vehicle That Could Occur

If a drunk driver hit your parked car, your car could suffer a variety of damages. There are several factors that could affect the severity of the damages and the extent of your losses. Of course, it depends on the kinds of vehicles involved – yours and that of the drunk driver – as well as the point of impact and the speed of the vehicle when it hits your car.

There are different levels of accidents that can occur, including just a simple fender bender, shattered windows, broken windshield, damaged wheels and tires, or your car could be a total loss.

Regardless of how minor your car damage is, you should ask to be compensated through your personal injury claim.

You should take photos of the accident scene and of any damages that your vehicle suffered, so you will have that proof. You should get a written repair estimate that details the extent of your damages and the cost of fixing that damage.

Check to see if there are any witnesses to the accident. If there are witnesses, that can be very beneficial to your personal injury claim. Be sure to get statements from any witnesses and get the names of all witnesses and their contact details.

Also, check to see if there are any video cameras in the vicinity that could have caught the accident. If you can provide video footage from a surveillance camera, dash camera, or a traffic camera, it can help your claim. It may be the telling evidence that you need to show that the drunk driver hit your car and that he or she is liable for the damages.

Remember, documentation is essential to the success of your personal injury claim. You will want to make sure you do everything that you can to get your claim on the right track and that you have everything in order to support your claim against the drunk driver. You want to hold the liable party responsible for the damages that you suffered in the accident.

What Happens If the Driver Flees the Scene?

If a drunk driver hit your parked car, but then fled the scene there are numerous things that you can do. The first thing you should do though is notify the police. The police will then conduct an investigation of that matter.

You should also see if there were any witnesses to the accident. If there were any witnesses to the accident, make sure you get their statements written down. If the accident happened in a commercial area, you should see if there are any cameras that may have captured the incident.

After talking to the police and gathering all the evidence from witnesses and from the damage to your car, if a drunk driver hit your parked car, you will need to let your car insurance company know about the accident.

Following Up After the Drunk Driver Hit Your Parked Car

You will need to notify your insurance about the accident. If your car was hit by a drunk driver, you will need to have a qualified auto repair shop to check your car and prepare a written estimate for the costs of fixing any damages.

If your vehicle was towed, keep the tow bill. Also, keep the receipts for any rental vehicle used while your car is inoperable and being repaired.

If you were in the vehicle and sought medical treatment, keep copies of any medical bills and medical records as evidence to help show your damages and to support your claim. Here are some documents that can be helpful when you write your demand letter to the drunk driver and his or her insurance company:

  • Police report
  • Photos of the damages and accident scene
  • Repair estimates
  • Medical bills
  • Medical records
  • Proof of lost wages
  • Tow bills
  • Rental car receipts
  • Witness statements

Drunk Driver Hit My Parked Car

Where Did You Park?

Where you parked will be taken into consideration when you file your claim and when negligence is taken into consideration. If you parked legally, you shouldn’t have any concerns regarding your claim against the drunk driver.

However, if you parked illegally, you may be considered partly to blame for the accident. Regardless of whether you parked legally or not, the negligence of the drunk driver will come into play and you can recover damages based on that.

If you are in a public parking lot or a parking garage, there may be a surveillance camera in the vicinity that caught the entire hit and run on video. If you were parked along the street, or if you were parked in a driveway, the accident may have been caught by surveillance camera.

However, if you were parked facing the wrong way on a street, or if your vehicle extends over the parking space lines, or if you parked near a yellow curb or in an area that is marked “no parking” then you should be aware that the insurance company will try to argue that the accident was your fault – or at least partly your fault – because of your illegal parking.

You should enlist the help of an accident injury attorney who will look out for your interests and argue that your damages are because of the negligence of the driver who was operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

What Kind Of Compensation Can You Receive?

When your parked vehicle is hit by a drunk driver, you will want to pursue a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages. Such accidents can lead to a variety of damages. If you were in the parked vehicle, then you have suffered injuries. If that is the case, you should establish medical care right away.

You will need to maintain supporting documentation, such as medical bills and medical records. You can claim all your medical expenses, such as doctor visits, hospital care, physical therapy, prescriptions, medical devices, x-rays and scans, surgery, and more.

If you miss work because of the accident, you will want to file a claim for missed work and lost wages. If you have serious injuries, you may have a future loss of earnings. You will need to make sure you claim all those as well. You need to be sure that you claim your past, present, and future losses associated with the accident.

Of course, you will want to include property damages. You will need to take your vehicle to a qualified auto repair shop and get a detailed repair estimate. Also, keep any bills or receipts for towing and a rental vehicle.

When you send your demand letter, which gets your personal injury claim underway, you will want to be sure to include copies of your supporting evidence so that the insurance company will be willing to negotiate with you. Often, claims are settled before the case has to advance to court.

Evidence To Support Your Claim2>

Of course, the evidence that you have may vary based on the severity of the accident and the extent of your damages. Be sure to maintain thorough documentation to support your claim, such as medical bills, medical records, repair estimates, photos of the accident scene and damages, proof of missed work and lost wages, and the accident report.

Your personal injury lawyer will be able to determine which damages you suffered, the extent of your losses, and then calculate the value of your claim. Your lawyer will build a case that shows the drunk driver is responsible for the damages that you suffered and will provide copies of supporting evidence and documentation for your accident injury claim after a drunk driver hit your parked car.

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered losses because a drunk driver hit your parked car, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. Accident injury attorneys help clients recoup compensation for their losses after an auto accident. They work on a contingency basis, so they aren’t paid until you are compensated for your losses through a personal injury settlement or judgment.

There is a strict statue of limitations for pursuing a personal injury claim, and that varies from one state to another. If you wait too long, you can’t recoup your losses. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form to have your claim reviewed by a personal injury lawyer in your area.

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