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I Can’t Pay My Bills After a Tow Truck Damaged My Vehicle- What Should I Do?

Tow trucks are often scary when they are driven close by. They may be hard to pass as the vehicle they are towing tends to swing from side to side. Equally risky is when a tow truck is being driven fast with a vehicle towed behind and it passes too close. An accident involving a tow truck can cause serious injuries to the occupants of both the truck and whoever is in the vehicle that has been hit. The crash can also do serious damage to the other vehicle. If this is what has happen to you, and you believe that the accident was the fault of the tow truck driver, you may be able to recover damages by pursuing a personal injury claim against the tow truck driver or the company he /she works for.

Medical Bills from a Tow Truck Accident

If anyone has been injured in a tow truck accident, there may be significant bills to pay. These could include any combination of the following:

  • ambulance fees;
  • doctor’s visit fees;
  • x-rays and scans;
  • blood tests;
  • hospital visits;
  • surgery;
  • anesthesia before surgery;
  • transport to and from hospital;
  • medication;
  • lost earnings while not able to return to work because of injury.

Property Damage Bills from a Tow Truck Accident

Even if you are not injured in a tow truck accident, it is highly likely that your vehicle was damaged badly simply because of the size of the tow truck. If your vehicle was badly damaged, it could be a write off as the cost of repairing the engine and bodywork may be more than the value of the vehicle. If you are contemplating filing a claim against the driver of the tow truck driver you will need to get an estimate of all repairs or a realistic replacement cost completed by a valuer or car repair yard.

Even if your vehicle was only lightly scratched, it could still mean expensive repair to the panels. Repair bills for your damaged vehicle could be anywhere from several hundred dollars for minor bodywork repair through to tens of thousands of dollars if your vehicle is totaled. In addition you should add the cost of towing your own vehicle away from the crash scene, if necessary, and alternative transport arrangements you have to pay for because your vehicle cannot be sued until it has been repaired or replaced.

I Can’t Pay My Bills After a Tow Truck Damaged My Vehicle- What Should I Do?

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After a Tow Truck Accident

A PI claim can help pay for medical bills, lost earnings, compensation to get your vehicle repaired or replaced and other payments that are covered by the term “non monetary losses. The latter includes a payment for the pain and suffering experienced, as well as punitive damages if serious negligence can be demonstrated. To win a PI claim, you will need to show that any injuries and damage to your vehicle were due to poor driving on the part of the tow truck driver. It helps to get eye-witness statements if you can at the crash scene, a copy of the accident report completed by police officers, and photos taken after the crash.

Working With a Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer can help you with useful legal advice before you actually file your PI claim with the tow truck driver’s insurer. Personal injury claims are not necessarily easy to win, but if the lawyer thinks you have good grounds for making your claim, it is best to use the lawyer to help you negotiate a satisfactory settlement.