Car Damage From a Tow Truck

When you get your car towed, you often don't expect any more damage to be done to your car. But there are times when your car can receive more damage than when it was towed. Tow drivers may misjudge a turn, causing your car to get scratched or dented. They may be in a rush and are not carful, causing them to hit your car or break something.

If your car was damaged by a tow truck, you may be able to receive compensation for the damages. For a better chance of being awarded compensation, you should seek assistance from a personal injury attorney. A lawyer will be able to help gather the appropriate evidence needed to support your claim against the tow company.

Importance of Photos

Whether you are calling a tow because your car won't start or you were just in an accident, you should always take photos of the state of your car before the tow truck arrives. It may be harder to prove that the damages were caused by the tow truck if you do not have evidence of what the car was like before it was towed.

If you were in a car accident, then the photos will be needed to differentiate what damage was caused from the accident and which were caused by the tow company. These photos will also be needed to support any claims you make for the original car accident.

Other Evidence Needed

Not only will you need pictures of your car before it is towed, you'll need to take photos of damages caused by the tow company. You'll also need to gather contact information and witness statements of anyone who may have seen the tow truck damage your car. These can help prove that the tow company was at fault for the damages.

You will also need to keep any copies of invoices you receive for fixing the damages. By keeping these, you can support the amount of compensation you are requesting in your personal injury claim.

Work With a Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer will be able gather all the evidence you may need to better support your personal injury claim. Without the help of an attorney, you run the risk of forgetting important documents or filing too late. Complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to discuss your case with a lawyer today.

Below is more information on filing a claim for specific damage from a tow truck: