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Damaged Alignment From a Tow Truck

Your car may need to be towed at one time or another. If you must have a vehicle towed, you expect it to be handled carefully so no other damage results. If your vehicle is damaged by the tow truck, you can pursue a property damage claim and ask the towing company to cover the costs of the damages.

One common damage that might result from a tow truck is an alignment issue. If your car just needs to be realigned, that is an inexpensive fix, and you can have the alignment done then ask the towing company for reimbursement. If the damage is more serious, and the damaged alignment includes repairs to your vehicle’s suspension, you might want to go ahead and file a personal injury claim for property damages right away.

Gathering Supporting Evidence

When you are having a vehicle towed, you should carefully inspect it for any damage before the tow truck hooks it up or loads it. Take photos of all the damage. Even if you have already been in an auto accident, you might have to file a separate claim against the towing company if they cause additional damage.

If you can record the tow truck driver loading your car, that would be helpful if you must file a claim for damages later. Always inspect your car after it reaches its destination. You should once again photograph any damages, if they are visible.

In this case, a damaged alignment or a car being knocked out of alignment isn’t going to be visible in a photograph. If the car is handled rough, and the suspension bumped around, you will notice the handling of the vehicle has changed and there will be vibration in the steering wheel and the vehicle may pull to one side.

Damaged Alignment From a Tow Truck

The Demand Letter to the Towing Company

You should send the towing company a demand letter and explain where your vehicle was picked up, where it was being taken, what damages resulted, and why you believe the towing company is responsible for those damages. Also include a copy of a written estimate or the receipt for the alignment. You should let them know if you have a video of the incident that you think caused the alignment problems.

Proving that the damaged alignment was caused by the tow truck can be challenging. You will need documentation that states the tow truck could have caused the alignment problems. Get statements from witnesses that explain what they saw and get supporting documentation to show that the damage did occur.

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Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If damaged alignment resulted from a tow truck, you should talk with a personal injury attorney about your claim for property damages. Pursuing a claim against a towing company can be a challenge, so you will need an experienced attorney to handle your property damage claim. You will not pay anything out-of-pocket because personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. Get your Free Case Evaluation today.

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