Making a Claim for Alignment Damage After a Car Crash

Proper alignment is essential to minimize tire wear, improve steering capability and correct any tendency for the car to vibrate at higher speeds. Improper alignment can be caused by even a minor car crash and if your wheels are misaligned can actually be a cause of a car crash.

If your wheel alignment has been damaged by a car crash, however slight, the cost of repairing or correcting the alignment and any other damage also done to your car could be recovered in an insurance claim made against the other driver’s insurer, assuming that it was his or her fault. If in doubt, or you encounter unnecessary obfuscation from the at-fault driver’s insurer, contact an attorney straight away.

The Cost of Repairing the Alignment of Your Vehicle

It doesn’t cost very much to realign your car if the alignment has been damaged in a car crash. The cost of repairing other parts of the car that were damaged at the same time, such as a bumper, fender or one of the panels, would be much higher.

For example, typical alignment costs quoted by major tire firms vary from $50 for a 4 wheel alignment to $200, depending on the model of the car. For comparison, the replacement of a single panel or re-spraying to match the color of a scratched panel may cost several hundred, or more than a thousand dollars. That’s when a claim makes sense!

Making a Claim for Alignment Damage After a Car Crash

Evidence is Needed to Prove Fault in any Accident Involving Damage to your Car’s Alignment

There is little point in making a claim for compensation unless you can establish just whose fault the damage done to your car was. Every accident is unique, but it would be unlikely that you suffered alignment problems all by themselves.

If you are hit in front or from the rear, this could conceivably cause damage to your wheel alignment, but other car parts would probably also be damaged and you, yourself and any other occupants may have suffered injuries. You will need evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault.

If you weren’t injured, or not badly so, and have a camera or camera app on your mobile device, you should use it to take as many photos as possible of the crash scene. Were there any eye witnesses? If so, try and encourage them to leave their contact details and ask them if they would be prepared to jot down a statement describing what happened.

Failing that, if you have a voice recorder function you may be able to use this to record their statements. You can also use a voice recorder when talking to the other driver because sometimes they apologize at the scene even if they claim the accident wasn’t their fault later on.

Reasons to Work With a Lawyer

Making any insurance claim like a personal injury claim or property damage claim can be tricky. Insurers hate to admit that their client was at fault as it means them having to make a payment.

If you think that you are going to have a struggle to convince the at-fault driver’s insurer then contact a suitable attorney to help you with your claim. To speak with a lawyer, fill out the Free Case Evaluation on this page.

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