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Broken Side Mirror From a Tow Truck

When you call a tow truck, you expect for your vehicle to be handled with care and taken to its destination without any further damage. But accidents do happen, and your car could suffer damages when be loaded, unloaded, or hauled on the tow truck. If your vehicle was being towed and the tow truck led to a broken side mirror, you can ask for the towing company to cover the costs of repairs and take care of the property damages.

Gathering Supporting Evidence

If your vehicle has experienced mechanical issues, or if you have been in an accident that left your vehicle undrivable, you will have to get a tow. Tow truck drivers are trained professionals, but things can go wrong.

Sometimes vehicles are damaged when being hooked up for a tow. If your vehicle suffered a broken side mirror from a tow truck, you can ask the towing company to pay to repair or replace your broken mirror.

You will need to do everything that you can to ensure everything is documented. You should get photos of your vehicle before it is towed. Check carefully for damages and get pictures of any damages. If you can do so, video record the vehicle being loaded. This would reveal any situations in which the car could have suffered the damage and would get the incident on tape.

When the car reaches its destination, record the unloading process if possible. Be sure to thoroughly check the vehicle for damages, and if you notice any damage, notify the tow truck driver right away.

The Demand Letter to the Towing Company

If the towing company damaged your vehicle, you will need to send them a demand letter to notify them that you are holding them responsible for the damages they caused your vehicle. Your letter should contain specific details, and you will need to include supporting documentation that shows how the damages occurred and why the tow truck provider is responsible for the damages – in this case, the broken side mirror.

The letter should indicate the date, time, and location of the incident. Take note of the name of the tow truck driver and specify the details about the damages. Be sure to include photos of the car before towing then after the towing. Ask any witnesses to provide statements regarding what they saw, and include estimates for repairing your vehicle along with photos of the damages.

Broken Side Mirror From a Tow Truck

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If your vehicle has a broken side mirror caused by a tow truck, you can pursue a personal injury claim for the property damages that resulted. You will need to consult with a personal injury lawyer who handles such claims in your area. You will not have any cost out-of-pocket costs. This is because most personal injury attorneys are not paid until you are compensated for the damages or receive a settlement. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation above today!

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