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Do You Need a Lawyer If a Tow Truck Damaged Your Car?

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When your car has a mechanical problem or if you have been in an auto accident, you might need a tow truck to get your vehicle to a repair shop or to your home where it can be repaired or checked by an insurance adjuster. We don’t expect a tow truck to worsen the damage, but a tow truck can sometimes cause problems if the tow truck driver makes a mistake or if the winch malfunctions. If a tow truck has damaged your vehicle, it might be challenging to prove that is what caused the damage. You will need to pursue a property damages claim with help of a personal injury lawyer.

What to Do When Your Vehicle is Being Towed

If your vehicle must be towed, you will need to do everything that you can to protect your rights and to maintain documentation. It is wise to inspect your car before the tow truck loads it or tows it. Take photos all around the vehicle and get any damages in the pictures. If possible, video tape the tow truck loading or hooking up your vehicle. Check your vehicle for damage upon its arrival at its destination, because sometimes you can see the damage occur. If the tow truck driver admits what happened, then your property damage claim should be resolved rather efficiently.

Determining the Vehicle Damages

If your vehicle has been damaged by a tow truck, you will need to make sure that you have an estimate done separately for the damages that the tow truck caused. Be sure to photograph these damages. Make sure you keep any photos of before and after and be sure to keep any videos of your vehicle being loaded and unloaded. If there are any witnesses, ask them to provide written statements regarding what happened and ask them to include their names and contact information.

You will need to send the tow truck company a demand letter telling them that you are holding them responsible for your damages and why. Be sure to include any supporting documentation and evidence that will show why your vehicle was damaged and how the tow company is responsible for those damages.

Do You Need a Lawyer If a Tow Truck Damaged Your Car?

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered vehicle damages because of a tow truck, it will most likely be a he said-she said dispute. You will need to consult with a personal injury lawyer who will help you pursue a claim for your property damages. The lawyer will investigate and gather documentation to support your claim. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing to lose. Your lawyer will not get paid unless he or she successfully gets you compensated for your damages. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form to have your tow truck incident details reviewed by a personal injury attorney who practices in your area.

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