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Do You Need a Lawyer if You Were Hit by a UPS* Truck?

Truck accidents are some of the worst on our highways. There are more fatalities and serious injuries caused by truck accidents than any other type of vehicle.

If you have been hit and injured by a mail truck or any other large truck as a result of poor driving by the truck driver, you should consider filing a claim for compensation from the truck driver or the postal service itself.

Personal injury claims against large corporations can be hard to win without help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Damages You May Receive After a Truck Crash

Personal injury claims attempt to recover both economic and non-economic damages caused by a collision with a truck. Economic damages include:

  • Medical treatment for injuries. These are likely to be severe after a truck crash, depending on the speed at which the collision took place and the exact angle at which your vehicle was hit. A head on collision, for example, could cause catastrophic head and chest injuries. A rear end crash, while normally less severe, could still cause neck injuries like whiplash.
  • Lost earnings as a result of treatment and recovery time. Any future lost earnings after a severe truck injury should be carefully calculated.
  • Property damage to your vehicle which is likely to be severe. In many cases, a truck crash can result in a total write off of the vehicle.

Non-economic damages, particularly compensation for the pain and suffering caused, should be included in the claim. Most truck accidents are extremely traumatic experiences and it is possible that this component of the claim is larger than any other.

Do You Need a Lawyer if You Were Hit by a Mail Truck?

Why Consider a Lawyer?

Big companies have a sophisticated system in place whenever there is a danger of litigation. You don’t stand much chance of negotiating on an even playing field unless you have legal representation.

A skilful PI lawyer can assess your chances of success if you are considering filing a claim against the driver, provide legal advice, and help negotiate a successful outcome.

Work With a PI Lawyer Today

Many victims of a vehicle crash are reluctant to use a PI lawyer, thinking that it would be expensive and hard to afford. Most PI lawyers, however, provide free consultations, in which a claim can be considered objectively, and contingency fee arrangements. Legal fees are normally waived until a settlement is obtained successfully on behalf of the accident victim.

Most PI lawyers will try and negotiate a settlement without going to court, although the threat of being able to do so is usually an incentive for a company to come to an acceptable agreement over compensation.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against UPS, or any other party, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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