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Damaged Muffler From a Tow Truck

Having your car towed can be stressful. It already has a mechanical issue or has been in an accident, and you are worried about having those repairs made. You are concerned about entrusting your vehicle to another party, but you choose a reputable towing company that has a proven track record. Accidents do happen, mistakes are made, and equipment does malfunction, so there is the chance that your car could suffer a damaged muffler from a tow truck.

Gathering Supporting Evidence

You should always be prepared for the worst but hope for the best. When your vehicle is going to be towed, be sure to check it carefully and inspect it for any damage. You will need to document any and all damages, so take photos of the car’s interior and exterior.

Also look at the undercarriage and the area around the exhaust. If possible, get a video of the car being loaded and have witnesses there who can confirm what happens.

Your car could suffer a damaged muffler from a tow truck if it is dropped while being loaded, or a piece of machinery or equipment crashes up against the muffler or exhaust. If the car is unhooked or unloaded too hard, the muffler could suffer damage. A muffler for a vehicle varies in price, but on average, a muffler can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 to replace, according to Angieslist, plus labor could add an extra $100 onto the bill.

Damaged Muffler From a Tow Truck

The Demand Letter to the Towing Company

To start your personal injury claim for the property damage you suffered because of a damaged muffler from a tow truck, you will need to send a demand letter to the towing service and to their auto insurance carrier. In this letter, state the facts. Indicate the date, time, and location of the incident. Where your car was being picked up and where it was being taken, the extent of the damage, and how the damage occurred should be included.

You will need to provide evidence that shows that your car’s damaged muffler was caused by the tow truck. Also, itemize the costs of the damages that you suffered. You will need to then list a final total for what you need to resolve your claim. Always set the monetary value a little higher than the minimum you are willing to take, so you can negotiate with the insurance company and get a fair settlement.

Consult With a Personal Injury Lawyer

You have a strict statute of limitations for filing your property damage claim. If you don’t adhere to these deadlines, your claim will be denied, and you may not be able to be compensated for the damaged muffler from the tow truck.

You should consult with a personal injury attorney who handles property damage claims. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you will not be out of anything. Your lawyer will not be paid until you win your case and get paid for your damages. Fill out the Free Case Evaluation today!

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