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I Can’t Pay My Bills After Being Driven Off the Road

Dangerous drivers may not make up a large percentage of the nation’s drivers, but if you encounter one, you may be injured in an accident that was not your fault. One of the worst types of accident is when you are driven off the road. There are many ways this can happen. The other driver could have fallen asleep, or chose the wrong moment to pass another vehicle approaching you, or was drunk, or was momentarily distracted by a cell phone. Whatever the reason, you could end up injured and your car in a mess.

These accidents are likely to cost you a lot of money in lost earnings, medical treatment and repair bills unless you file a personal injury claim against the driver who forced you off the road with the help of a PI lawyer.

Medical Bills After Being Driven Off the Road

Injuries if you are forced off the road could be anything from minor scratches and bruises right through to major or serious injuries like burns, broken bones, lost teeth, spinal and brain damage. Whatever the injury, you need to see a doctor to determine exactly what is wrong and advise you on treatment. Of course, if you are badly injured, you may need to be taken directly to a hospital for emergency treatment. If you are able to make a claim later on, these are the usual items you would include under the label of “medical costs:”

  • the fee for the ambulance, if any;
  • doctor’s visits;
  • tests and special examinations like x-rays and /or scans;
  • hospital stay;
  • surgery;
  • anesthesia;
  • medication.

I Can’t Pay My Bills After Being Driven Off the Road

Property Damage Bills After Being Driven Off the Road

Your car may be a write off if it has been forced off the road and it hit something hard like a wall or tree. It may be possible to repair the parts that have been damaged, but this could prove expensive. Even if it is just your windshield and a few scratches it could still cost you several hundred dollars. In addition, you will probably need someone to tow you out from wherever your car landed.

If the car was badly damaged, you should get a quote for full repair costs as it might be cheaper to claim for a new car, or at least a replacement car.
Include the cost of using alternative transport while your car is off the road getting repaired or replaced.

How a PI Claim Can Help Pay Bills After a UPS Accident

To file a claim for damages you will need to know who drove you off the road and details of their registration and insurer. If the vehicle kept moving without stopping, then you should certainly report the incident to the police as they might consider it a case of ‘hit and run’ even if you weren’t hit. If you do have details of the vehicle and its driver available then you may be able to file a personal injury claim with the driver’s insurer. You will need convincing evidence that the other driver’s behavior caused you to drive off the road and this caused your injuries and damage to the car you were in.

Working With a Lawyer

No personal injury claim is guaranteed, or even straightforward. You are much more likely to obtain the amount of compensation you need after an accident in which you were driven off the road if you use a personal injury lawyer throughout.

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