What if I'm Forced Off the Road by a Driver With Road Rage?

Road rage on the highway is getting more and more common. With this, come more accidents, some of which are serious. It’s often difficult for a victim of road rage to act to avoid an accident when a driver has virtually lost control due to his or her state of mind. It might be only at the last minute that the negligent driver makes a sudden move forcing any drivers in the way off the road.

Being forced off the road is a potentially dangerous situation for any driver to be in. Depending how fast the driver has had to drive to avoid the driver inflicted with road age, he or she may be forced into a solid obstacle that can’t be avoided. Once an impact has taken place serious injuries are likely to be the result.

Accidents that have caused serious injuries to victims that aren’t at fault may be entitled to claim compensation from the at-fault driver. Even though this is a possibility, assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney who has all the experience at his or her fingertips can help to win a successful claim.

What is The Process for Filing a Personal Injury Claim When Run Off The Road?

As soon as you are involved in an accident, you should be starting to gather sufficient evidence, which can prove who was at fault. This means approaching witnesses who to write a report of the accident and what they saw. You will also need the police report which will help confirm the circumstances that caused the accident.

To prove you were injured, you will need to get your physician to provide a medical report in writing that explains the nature of your injuries and the likely treatment time. All this takes time and you need to be aware that most states have a statute of limitations in force, which is usually between 12 months and 3 years. After the time limit has been reached, it will be too late to get the compensation you deserved.

What if I'm Forced Off the Road by a Driver With Road Rage?

What Types of Injuries Occur When Run off the Road by Road Age?

It’s hard to predict the types of injuries that are likely to take pace if you are run off the road in an act of road rage. It really depends on the severity of the accident and if/what you hit as you were forced off the road. At a minimum you are likely to receive these injuries:

  • lacerations if your face comes into contact with broken glass;
  • broken limbs if the force is so great that your limbs are affected;
  • head injury if you hit your head on the wheel or the dashboard;
  • back injuries if your back comes into contact with a blunt, hard object.

Will You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There is without any doubt great value in talking to a personal injury attorney first before submitting your personal injury claim. He or she will have the experience to know what the value of your claim should be and will be able to quickly make all the ends meet before the court case takes place. Complete the form on this page to be connected with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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