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I Can’t Work After an Accident With Multiple Drivers

Roads have got busier and busier so that they are no longer a pleasure to drive on because there is a high chance of being involved in an accident with multiple drivers.

One of the commonest accidents involving more than two drivers is when a driver falls asleep or loses concentration and hits the brake suddenly when traffic in front slows down. The car behind rear ends him, while the car behind that rear ends the car in front and so on.

If you are the car behind the first car you could be injured from rear ending it while the car behind you may rear end your vehicle. There are a number of possible injuries from this type of accident depending on how fast the line of cars was driving at the time.

There is a high chance that you won’t be able to work for a while and you may even get into debt when your wages are stopped.

Injuries That Can Occur In an Accident With Multiple Drivers

If the car in front of you broke suddenly and you collided into its rear the types of injuries you may get will depend on the speed of the drivers at the time. At about the same time you put the foot on the brake the car behind you will have done the same causing your car to lurch forward suddenly.

The sorts of injuries will depend on the speed of the traffic at the time. If you had to brake when you were driving quite fast your injuries are typically likely to be quite serious. If you hit your head on the steering wheel you could suffer from a traumatic brain injury depending on the speed of the impact.

If the driver behind you rear ends you and your car lurches forward suddenly then you could suffer from whiplash caused when you are taking by surprise and your neck and head are thrown backwards and forwards uncontrollably.

Whatever injuries you received from an accident with multiple drivers you will notice that your wages are stopped and are not likely to resume until you return to work.

Filing a PI Claim For Injuries From an Accident with Multiple Drivers

Before your claim can be successful you will need to attach every bit of relevant evidence when you file the PI claim. You can expect to receive an amount that covers your lost wages, the full cost of your medical treatment, damage to your car and even compensation for the pain and suffering you have had to endure due to the accident with multiple drivers.

The evidence you provide could be any or all of the following:

  • an accident report written by the police;
  • written accounts provided by eye witnesses;
  • your employers breakdown of your wages in writing;
  • your car repair bill;
  • evidence of medical treatment costs;
  • photographs taken of the accident caused by multiple drivers;
  • a crash investigation report if required;

I Can’t Work After an Accident With Multiple Drivers

Working with a PI Lawyer

The commonest inconvenience likely to hit you after the accident with multiple drivers is that you won’t receive your normal wages until you return to work. You may find difficulty paying your bills. You need to make sure you hire a PI lawyer to work on your behalf to win the settlement you deserve. Trying to negotiate a PI claim on your own with the at-fault driver’s insurer may not be as easy as you think.

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