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I Can’t Work After a Side Swipe Accident

Side swipe injuries tend to occur most often on multilane highways and freeways when vehicles attempt to merge with traffic from an on ramp, when moving from one lane to another and when attempting to pass. Generally, a sideswipe accident is not as severe on average as other vehicle accidents such as T bone accidents and head-on collisions.

Like all vehicle accidents, the damage done in a side swipe accident depends on the exact circumstances. The speed of the two vehicles, their relative sizes and the force of the impact all help to determine the seriousness of any injuries.

Injuries That Can Occur in a Side Swipe Accident

Side swipe accidents vary from minor to severe. The worst accidents happen when a vehicle is pushed by the impact into the flow of traffic or hit by an oncoming vehicle or from behind. A sideswipe accident on the driver side of the vehicle may also cause quite serious injuries. Typical injuries would include:

  • cuts and bruises;
  • head injuries if the head smashes against the windscreen;
  • internal organ damage if sharp metal or glass penetrates the body.

Anyone who has been hit and injured as a result of a sideswiping accident may need hospital treatment and may need several days, weeks or even months off work to rcover and receive treatment.

I Can’t Work After a Side Swipe Accident

Filing a PI Claim For Injuries From a Side Swipe Accident

If injured as a result of a sideswipe accident, you should consider filing a personal injury claim as soon as is practicably possible after prioritizing treatment. Most claims would emphasize compensation for medical treatment as well as the full period of absence from work so any lost earnings can be recovered. Claims may also include compensation for more intangible damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, depending on the severity of the injuries.

As with all personal injury claims, compensation can only be possible if a driver’s insurer is confident that their client was responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. Negligence on the part of the sideswiping driver needs to be proven. Normal evidence that helps to substantiate this sort of accident includes:

  • Eye witness statements, preferably from people who saw the whole accident and how it was caused, and are prepared to submit their testimony;
  • A police report. Police reports are typically compiled at the crash scene and may provide valuable evidence showing who was at fault.
  • Photos taken at the crash scene showing the position of both vehicles after the impact, damage done and injuries caused.
  • Damage report provided by a vehicle repair yard that inspects the vehicle after it is towed away.

Working with a PI Lawyer

It’s not easy fighting a personal injury lawsuit on your own. It helps to discuss a potential personal injury claim with an experienced PI lawyer who will have likely dealt with many claims like yours before. If the lawyer thinks you have a good chance of winning a claim, an attorney may be able to fight the claim on your behalf. To have the details of your claim looked over by an experienced attorney, complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page today!

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