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What to Do If You Were in a Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accidents are more common than you think. Tens of thousands of such accidents are reported every year. The odds of being in one are relatively high. Just as you would with any other accident, you need to try to stay calm and make sure you do everything that you can to protect your rights and to preserve evidence.

Try to take note of the details regarding the hit and run vehicle. If possible, get the license plate number. Try to get as many details as possible about the other vehicle, such as color, make, model, what the driver looks like, and direction of travel.

What to Do Next

Next, make sure you call the police. An accident report will need to be completed. If there are any witnesses, ask them to stay around, so the police can get their statements and contact details.

Get medical care right away. Maintain a file that includes copies of medical bills and medical records along with copies of estimates for repairing your damaged vehicle, proof of missed work and lost wages, your inability to enjoy hobbies or attend events, photos of vehicle damages and visible injuries, and so forth.

You will need to contact your auto insurance company to file a claim as soon as possible. You should consult with a personal injury attorney, who will help you with this process.

What You Should Never Do

You should never leave the scene of the accident. Don’t block the roadway and traffic unnecessarily if your vehicle will move. If your car is operable, get out of the traffic lane into a safe area, such as off the shoulder or in a parking lot.

What to Do If You Were in a Hit and Run Accident

Often, the other driver leaves the scene because he or she lacks proper insurance coverage, doesn’t have a license, or the car’s registration is invalid. Uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage should cover all your damages. However, to recover all the damages, you will have to pursue a personal injury claim.

Damages that Might Result

A hit and run accident can lead to severe damages to your vehicle. It can also cause serious injuries. You might have medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, future loss of earnings, pain and suffering, property damages, permanent scarring and disfigurement, disabilities, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, and much more. Your personal injury attorney will investigate your accident, gather documentation and evidence, and help you get your claim on the right track, so you can recover the compensation that you are entitled to receive after such an accident.

Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury claims are challenging, especially after a hit and run accident. Every state has a statute of limitations, or a timeframe in which you can pursue a personal injury claim. If you wait past the deadline, you will not be able to recover damages.

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