Personal Injuries – Blood Clot on the Brain

Have you had a serious accident which was someone else’s fault and ended up with a brain injury? Even minor brain injuries may take a long time to resolve themselves and you may be facing a worrying few weeks, months or even years. There should be no reason why you should have to cope with the costs of a serious injury by yourself.

If you can identify who was to blame for the accident which resulted in your injury then you may be able to claim compensation for medical expenses and lost income.

Settling a personal injury claim is made easier and more likely to succeed if you seek professional legal help.

A Blood Clot in the Brain is Potentially a Serious Injury

Accidents such as slips and falls and vehicle accidents may result in a severe blow to the head. One of the more serious consequences of such an accident is a blood clot or a hemorrhage in the brain. Hemorrhages happen when a small blood vessel is ruptured and blood leaks out, causing not just a loss of blood, but stress on the nerve tissue in the immediate vicinity of the rupture.

The body normally reacts to a hemorrhage with a blood clot, but a clot can also occur in any of the blood vessels in the brain as a result of a significant impact.

Brain injuries of any kind can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Sometimes, it may take years for a person to recover.

Brain Blood Clot Personal Injury Lawyer

An example of a typical accident which results in a brain injury is when someone is hit by a falling object from a building or construction site. If the object is falling from a height and is heavy enough it can cause serious damage to someone’s skull and brain if it falls directly on their head.

If the object was dropped through negligence and should never have happened if normal safety procedures were ignored, then there may be grounds for a personal injury claim.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit May be the Only Way Forward

If you have been hit hard on the head through someone else’s negligence, you will need to get the best medical treatment you can find. If you can prove that negligence was involved then you have a better chance of claiming a fair amount in compensation.

It is important in any brain injury claims, such as for a blood clot on the brain, to ensure that the amount claimed is adequate to cover all future likely expenses. This must include:

  • future anticipated medical treatment;
  • any further support, including psychological support and counseling;
  • full compensation for loss of wages now and into the future.

The Use of a Competent Attorney Will Make All the Difference

If you have had a serious brain injury, you will need all the help you can get. Unfortunately, those who cause accidents unnecessarily do not always admit fault readily and may dispute that they had anything to do with your injuries.

This is where help from an experienced personal injury attorney may make all the difference. The attorney will have prepared cases like yours before.

He or she will be able to calculate a fair compensation claim based on medical information and assessment and negotiate on your behalf with the party at-fault and their insurance company.

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