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Broken Ribs and Personal Injury Claims

Broken bones of any sort may mean you cannot do your job properly. If you have been injured in some kind of accident and broken any of your bones, you are likely to need specialized medical treatment. You may need x-rays, and a cast or casts or surgery.

All of this is going to be expensive and you may be wondering if you can get compensation if the injuries were caused by some kind of negligence on the part of someone else.

If you can prove who was at fault, you may be able to make a legitimate personal injury claim. Medical costs, lost income and even payments for “pain and suffering” and punitive damages may be claimed, depending on the state where you had the accident. In all injury claim situations, it is advisable to get help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Broken Ribs are a Common Occurrence in Personal Injury Claims

Broke ribs after an accident?

Ribs are quite easily broken in accidents, especially motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if a rib is broken until much later when pain appears or does not go away. If you have had an accident in which there has been an impact on your chest from a heavy object or during a head-on collision with another vehicle or object you should always get yourself checked out carefully.

Cracked or broken ribs can damage your internal organs and cause a lot of pain if left untreated.

Broken ribs usually heal with proper medical treatment, but you may find that you cannot do your normal job as well as before or do it all until you recover sufficiently. If your ribs are damaged very badly, you may need additional surgery as your heart or lungs could have been affected. Badly broken ribs may not heal quite the way they were before an accident so could be a long term problem you will have to deal with.

Broken Ribs May Lead to a Personal Injury Claim

If you have had any of your ribs broken in an accident that was definitely not your fault and you think you can prove it, you may have grounds for filing a personal injury claim. In some states, you may be able to make a claim even if you were partially to blame. Each state has different liability rules. As it is likely that you will have to face a significant financial cost you should consider your legal options as soon as you are able.

Most states have limitations on how long you have to make a claim and if the at-fault party was a government agency you may only have a few months before you are then unable to make a claim.

A personal injury claim can help pay for the full cost of treating your broken ribs and any loss in income. If there is likely to be future ongoing treatment necessary it is important that you include this in any claim you make or you will be out of pocket.

Help From a Personal Injury Attorney is Advisable

Personal injury attorneys deal with accidents all the time and an experienced attorney will be able to assess your chances of success in any potential personal injury claim. It is difficult assessing the full cost of a claim by yourself and you may find that the defendant, i.e. the person you are making the claim against, may be very reluctant to settle a claim in full without pressure from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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