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Numbness/Loss of Feeling in Personal Injury Claims

If you have had an accident, you may not realize just how much you have been injured until well after the incident happened. You may walk away from a car crash, for instance, and think you have been lucky to escape unscathed.

If you have been in any type of accident that could have been prevented if someone else had shown more care, you may end up having to pay the cost of an injury that was not your fault. If you have to deal with a painful injury or not be able to work as normal, you should consider making a personal injury claim, especially if you are able to show that someone else was clearly at fault.

Nerve Damage and Numbness can be Hard to Diagnose

If you experience any kind of numbness or loss of feeling in your arms and hands or any other part of your body, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is especially the case if you have had an accident recently, even if you thought that the accident was minor.

Numbness after an accident?

Numbness and loss of feeling in any of the limbs may be indicative of nerve damage or back injuries. You may have suffered injury to any of the nerves controlling your muscles or to the spinal cord inside your backbone. Nerve damage can be hard to diagnose and treat and may prove to be expensive if you cannot work properly or have to stay at home while the injury heals itself.

You Should Consider Taking Legal Action

If your nerve injury was caused by any kind of negligence then you should consider taking legal action to recover the cost of treatment or loss of income. All states allow personal injury claims to be made if you can prove that someone else was to blame for your injuries. Not all states have exactly the same rules and it is important to get an idea of what is allowed and what you need to do to show that someone else was liable. Most states tend to allow a longer period to make a claim if it is against a private individual or business, whereas a claim against a government agency or department may have to b made much sooner.

The Help from an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney can Make All the Difference

Personal injury claims are rarely straightforward. The onus is on you, the injured party, to establish the connection between the accident and your injury as well as who was at fault. Whatever the accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can make all the difference between having to bear the burden of an injury you didn’t expect or want and making a successful claim.

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