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Making a Claim for Frame Damage After a Car Crash

If you have been involved in a collision with another vehicle it is possible that there has been damage to the unibody frame. This can be costly to repair although it is certainly possible. Insurers may calculate that it is cheaper to total your car than repair the frame if the damage is extensive.

If the collision was due to another driver’s negligent driving, you have a good chance of winning a claim for compensation. If the claim is substantial or you and others were injured in the collision it is worth using a personal injury attorney to help process your claim and ensure it has the best chance of being accepted.

The Cost of an Accident That Causes Frame Damage

The cost of repairing frame damage can run into thousands if the damage is extensive. If your car is an older model and not worth the cost of repairing it may be cheaper replacing it, but that will be a decision made by the insurer of the at-fault driver.

Minor collisions may not cause any damage to the frame at all, or they are not noticeable or are relatively easy to repair. Additional to the cost of the frame damage is anything else that was damaged in the crash, such as the windscreen, tires, paneling, fender, bumper etc.

The total cost of repairing all these items must then be balanced against replacing the car with a new one. As well as the damage bill, you should consider adding a bill for inconvenience if your car is out of action, as you will need to spend money on taxis or renting another car to get to work. If you and any other occupants were injured, the cost of medical treatment, lost earnings and a pain and suffering component should also be added.

Making a Claim for Frame Damage After a Car Crash

Evidence is Needed to Prove Fault in an Accident That Causes Frame Damage

Any collision that is serious enough to cause frame damage is going to be expensive and there is no reason why you should have to use your own insurance policy to pay for it if another driver was at fault. If you do decide to file a claim against the other driver, you will need evidence that it was his or her fault.

Standard evidence in a car crash includes:

  • photos taken of the cars involved at the scene of the crash;
  • eye witness statements, which can be audio recordings or written statements;
  • the police report; and
  • a report from the car repair yard.

Reasons to Work With a Lawyer

No personal injury claim, even if it is only for damage to the car body or frame, is a walk in the park. It can be difficult convincing another driver’s insurer that their client was to blame. Insurers are not keen on making compensation payments.

If the claim is likely to be significant it can make a lot of difference to your chances of success if you use an experienced personal injury attorney to provide legal assistance throughout the claim process. Complete the Free Case Evaluation to speak with an attorney today!

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