I Got Hurt at Baja Fresh. What Do I Do?*

You don’t go to a restaurant to end up in a hospital, but it occasionally does happen. Usually it’s because you have either slipped and fell on some slippery substance or floor covering or have suffered some other unexpected accident.

If the accident happened through no fault of your own, you may be wondering who is going to pay all those unwanted bills that are going to mount up because you have been injured.

You are strongly advised to make contact with an experienced personal injury attorney before considering taking legal action against the restaurant or whoever was responsible for your injury.

Could You Really Get Injured That Easily?

The answer is that you could and if you were totally unprepared for it, you could wind up in hospital with anything from a bad cut, if you slip over on something sharp, to broken bones.

It is unlikely that you will be a victim of an unexpected accident if the restaurant you go to is scrupulous about cleaning the facilities regularly and maintains a clean and clear floor for patrons to stand and walk on.

The fact is that with so many restaurants, many of which are franchises, any fast food chain cannot always make sure that every restaurant is being managed to the highest standards expected.

All it takes is a manager or manageress who doesn’t train staff properly or take notice of deteriorating conditions in the restaurant.

If you do fall over and inure yourself, you should take a mental note of what it was that caused the accident and who you think might have been to blame. If you are considering taking legal action it is vital that you have sufficient proof that the restaurant staff were to blame in some way.

Why a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You to Succeed in a Claim For Compensation

It is an unfortunate fact that insurance companies, and those who have been blamed for accidents on their property, don’t want to admit that they were at fault. It makes it hard to claim any fair compensation unless you have someone on your side who knows just how to negotiate with restaurants and their managers.

In most cases, a good personal injury attorney can negotiate a settlement provided that sufficient evidence is available without having to go to court, although this is always a possible option if the insurance company tries to make things difficult.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Baja Fresh or any other party you may not be entitled to any compensation.