Help! I Got Hurt at a Carl's Jr! What Do I Do?*

Going out to eat is an ordinary activity that many people do. When you go out to eat, you certainly don’t expect to slip and fall on a hazard and end up with an injury that involves medical treatment and time spent off work recovering.

If you are able to find good evidence that the injury was the restaurant’s fault, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against that restaurant in the hope that you can get some financial compensation for an injury that was not your fault.

For a claim like this to be successful, you should consider hiring an experienced personal injury attorney who will work hard on your behalf to get what you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Happen in a Restaurant

There is always a chance you could slip over anywhere, whether in a shopping mall, a parking lot or on a crosswalk. However, you don’t expect it in a Carl’s Jr. Restaurant, or any other restaurant, as it’s easy for the staff to remove any dangerous slip and fall hazards.

Restaurants are busy places and food and drink can easily get dropped on the floor by customers in a hurry. At the same time staff are often rushed off their feet trying to keep the customers happy and don’t always clean up dropped food and drink as quickly as they should, so someone slips and falls.

Injuries From a Slip and Fall in a Fast Food Restaurant

The most common injuries when slipping and falling are head injuries when a victim falls forwards and bangs his or her head. There are times when a victim is struggling to stay on his or her feet but falls backwards potentially causing neck and back injuries, and even serious life changing spinal injuries.

Floors in a restaurant may not be carpeted, so any slip and fall is likely to be more serious than if the floor had been on a softer surface.

Time is Limited For Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Once you have recovered sufficiently from your injuries you should contact a personal injury attorney to find if you are eligible to file a personal injury claim. If you took photos of the hazard that caused the accident this may help to support your claim. Contacting any witnesses to ask for statements is a good idea too.

An experienced personal injury attorney may prove to be invaluable in terms of advice proffered about your legal options and practical help given if you decide to pursue a claim for compensation.


The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Carl's Jr, Hardee's, CKE Restaurants, or any other party you may not be entitled to any compensation.